Red bottoms the initial masculine perfume

Christian Dior had always passion to scents: Perfume may be a shadow, a representation of womans personality, thats her last image. Miss Dior, Diorama, Diorissimo which are created during Diors life, have inside their names the sacred name DIOR. They louboutin shoes replica can be recognized as classic, Dioric scents. Their flacons and packages are made in Diors fashion house style: gray, white and pink colors, medallions ala Louis 14, silk laces surrounding the flacons.Miss Dior came to be in 1947, in breaking an all-time period in a single month!Stable and female scent was very unusual for people times.

In 1966 Dior introduced Red bottoms the initial masculine perfume Eau Sauvage, which was a classic. Another perfume for men, Farenheit (1988) includes a wide popularity across the globe till today. It symbolizes a man of the 80s.Diors conception concerning the power the femininity is epressed in few sensual perfumes that has a shocking name: POISON. POISON for girls can be purchased in four versions: POISON (1985), TENDRE POISON (1994), HYPNOTIC POISON (1998) and PURE POISON (2004). Poison possesses a mysterious seductive power.

Tendre poison the sunlight version for women from the addition of the 90s ……which symbolizes poets dreaminess. Hypnotic poison seductive and magnetic scent. This etravagant scent has diabolic sensuality. The flacon reminds us associated with a dangerous temptation of forbidden fruit.WOMAN PERFUME NEW FRAGRANCE BY DIOR: MISS DIOR CHERIEGalliano, the art director of Diors fashion house from 1997 says: I want neither to swap the earliest perfume Miss Dior, nor to convert its flacon: the revolutionary perfume been required to orientate with it. Fashion is changing; perfume needs to change using it. Perfume family: Chypre. The very first note: green mandarin. Along with the note: violet, a rose jasmine, accords of caramel popcorn and frozen raspberries soft serve.

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