Reliable Attributes And Superior Compactness Of Dell LTO Ultrium 4 Tape System

The importance of backup technology in today’s corporate world has become sublime. Just like each and every business now has marketing, sales, accounts, product development and human resource department, there is a separate department for the management of corporate data. The task of this department is very diverse, versatile and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that in today’s modern world where computers are being used in every walk of life, data center is one of the most important departments.

If a business has on its agenda growth and success, then it has to improve security of this department. One of the key tasks that are performed by the IT department is installation of the appropriate medium of backup technology. There are several things that the IT department needs to think about before it chooses a medium of backup technology. The very first thing it reviews is the intensity of data that needs to be backed up, if the business is data intensive then it needs to choose on a medium that has high storage capacity and vice versa.

The second thing that it needs to review is the processing speed; if increasing efficiency is the target of the business then it has to opt for high processing speed. The duplicate copy of data for some businesses is very crucial therefore they cannot compromise on security. In this case the IT department must install a medium that comes with an inbuilt security system. For any business that is data intensive, focuses on efficiency and has sensitive data that must be secured Dell LTO 4 backup tape is the perfect choice.

Dell LTO4 tape can store around 800 GB of raw data and if this storage capacity is less than what is required for your business then you need not worry. The tape also supports the compression feature which increases the storage capacity by two times, which is 1600 GB. A tape that has such high storage capacity, the processing speed should be equally high so that the tape can function efficiently and this is the case with Dell LTO4 tape. The tape has a remarkably impressive processing speed of 120Megabytes’ per second.

The third component that influences the decision of the IT department regarding the installation of a medium of back up technology is security. This component is very well catered by Dell LTO4 tape format through the inclusion of WORM feature. It stands for Write Once Read Many; this feature allows businesses to hedge their data against common problems like data tampering and forging.

Once the data is entered into the tape it cannot be changed, however the data may be accessed several time if required. The last component that is of importance to the IT department when deciding on a medium of back up technology is the cost. It departments have to install products that do not levy a heavy burden on the budget of the business. Dell LTO4 tape system also fits this criteria because it is priced at a very reasonable and affordable level.

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