Some Tips to Retrieve Deleted Notes on iPhone

So basically I update to iOS 7 and notes disappearing on iOS 7!!! I really need them back!! I had so much important stuff in there!!! I’ve signed back into my email and they are still gone!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!

get your notes back your iPhone

More and more people are becoming the fond of iphone note recovery these days as the fans of iphone are now have got the solutions of some problems that arise in the following form; note are deleted from the iphone by pressing the delete all button option by mistake, users find the several alternatives of restoring them all but it does not work for all the times and they try to get the note back from the formatted pattern of iphone but it also lets them in an all in vain situation. If you have synced iPhone with iTunes, here is the guide would show you how to get back deleted notes on iPhone.

0.) Don’t connect your iPhone yet.

1.) As covered above, make sure you have a valid backup as listed at iTunes > preferences > devices.

2.) Before connecting your iPhone, sure you check iTunes > preferences > devices > “prevent iPods and iPhones from syncing automatically.” This ensures we don’t erase the previously stored backup. Also be sure to OK and close this window after checking “don’t sync.”

3.) Connect your iPhone to your computer.

4.) Click the iPhone as seen in the left bar of iTunes, as listed under DEVICES.

5.) The SUMMARY tab along the top of iTunes should be highlighted, and you should see three big sections below: iPod/iPhone, Version and Options.

6.) Under VERSION, click RESTORE.

7.) You’ll be asked if you want to backup settings etc. Click DON’T BACK UP, otherwise you’ll only be backing up your iPhone in its current state of not having whatever it was that you deleted.

7b.) you may also be warned about music not getting synced or whatever. I ignored this. Whatever is in your computer’s iTunes that syncs to your iPhone will get transferred back in step 10. If this is a concern because you have some content on your iPod that never made it to iTunes, be careful, because if you sync your iPod to your iTunes, you’ll erase the backup from which you need to restore.

8.) When you’re asked if you really want to restore, meaning erase everything and return to the factory settings, click RESTORE. What Apple isn’t telling you is that after you completely wiped your iPhone blank that you’ll be given the option to restore everything from the backup that you checked back in step 1.

9.) It takes a while for the iPhone to erase itself, reset and restart.

10.) Here’s the good part: after step 9 is complete, in iTunes on your computer you will see SET UP YOUR phone.

11.) Click RESTORE FROM THE BACKUP OF (date as seen in step 1), and click CONTINUE.

12.) It may take ten minutes or more for everything to load back into your iPhone, after which, it’s back where it was whenever it last backed up. All your movies, video, music, and of course those notes you deleted, are all flowing back in.

What about without a backup? Well, third-party software like iPhone data recovery that will let you to recover deleted notes on iPhone without backup anytime, and you also can recover iPhone notes from iTunes with data recovery program.

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