Russia’s rich mineral resources

Russian Federation complex geological structure, rich in mineral resources, has been mined minerals Mendeleev periodic table encompasses all the elements listed. Russia’s north-western plains of Karelia and the Kola Peninsula bears iron, nickel, mica and other minerals. Hibbing Mountain has the world’s largest mineral apatite, and bears a large number of aluminum raw material jujube nepheline. Russia’s vast plains and other regions and Siberia, the world’s USED STONE CRUSHER IN SOUTH AFRICA largest reserves of iron ore jujube Kursk magnetic anomaly, as well as the Urals, Siberia ore zone. Coal is mainly distributed in two large coal-band: First in Lake Baikal and between Turku cover depression, including Irkutsk, Kansk a Achinsk, Kuzbass, Ekibastuz and other Karaganda coalfield; another is located east of the Yenisei River, latitude 60 degrees north, including the Tunguska, Lena and too Mel and other large coal. In addition, the Far East Nanyakute other coalfields are also important. Oil, gas mainly in West Siberia (the largest oil field in Tyumen), Russia (Volga Urals oil jujube), the East Siberian oil basin three platform type, and Sakhalin (Sakhalin), etc. Groove oil basins. Midwest Mountain Ural Mountains and the Far East, the formation of non-ferrous mineral base of Russia’s major. Far East coastal mountain tin is also very important. Russia’s mineral resources such as coal, oil, natural gas, peat, iron, manganese, copper, lead, zinc, nickel, cobalt, vanadium, titanium, chromium reserves are among the highest in the world. Only tin, tungsten, mercury and other metals reserves less, not self-sufficient. Stocked, the full range of multi-sectoral development of mineral resources on the basis of the Russian industry and formed a complete BALL MILLS FOR SALE SOUTH AFRICA industrial system has laid an important material foundation. Mainly concentrated distribution of resources, some large energy resources, the distribution of mineral raw materials close to each other, which in turn create a large Russian industrial base and economic zones provide very favorable conditions. However, resource distribution is very uneven: most of them concentrated in the northern and eastern regions of Homeland; rather urgently needed fuel, raw materials of western (European part) region has felt inadequate resources, lack of variety; rich in mineral resources, varieties more complete Urals areas due to lack of resources has resulted in long-term exploitation, mining difficulty getting bigger. The situation is bound to cause long-distance BALL MILL MANUFACTURER IN INDIA transport, the transport sector to bring a lot of pressure, transported annually by the eastern region of the western region of the fuel over hundreds of millions of tons of criteria, which to some extent affected the economic development of the Russian Federation and productivity rational distribution….

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