Rust Removal using Electrolysis

Rust is one of the few nightmares that tool owners have, apart from having their tools come to life. Rust is the inevitable thing that is going to happen to all iron-made tools at some point in time. It is devastating to look at tools that have been stained by rust. But what is important is to know how to deal with rust stains. You don’t need any heavy-duty industry rust remover that will cost you more than buying new tools. All you need is a few things that you can gather from around your house that you can use to create an electrolytic process that will help you remove the stains from your iron-tools as fast as possible. The few things you will need are simple household items that you will see lying around the house all the time. The most you will have to do is go search in the garage for a few little things. The things you’ll need are: – A plastic bucket. – A battery, preferably car. (The bigger, the better.) – Concrete rods that you can use as electrodes. -

Washing soda. – Wire for connecting the electrodes with the car battery. – Chain, to suspend the tools in the bucket. – Lots of water. Once you’ve got all these things in one place, you can start setting the whole thing up so it goes from a bunch of seemingly random items to a rust removal machine. First of all, fill the bucket up with water & add washing soda to it. Mix the soda in well, you would want it to be properly dissolved. Then you need to connect the electrodes together using the wire. But before that, make sure that the electrodes are clean, especially at the points where the wire is supposed to connect. These electrodes need to be a few inches longer than the height of your bucket so they stick out above the water. When you place the electrodes in the water, the wired part should be above the water.

Make sure the wires don’t touch the water. The electrodes should be placed on the sides, well apart, so that the tool to be cleaned can be suspended between them without touching either electrode even slightly. Now you have to suspend the tool in the water. Make sure the part to be cleaned is completely submerged in the water. Once you’ve suspended the tool in the water, you may attach the battery; attach the negative lead to the tool that needs the cleaning & the positive lead to the electrode grid, the point where the wires connecting the two electrodes meet up. When you turn on the battery, the water will start bubbling up & that is when you know that the setup is working. Be careful not to do this indoors, as the hydrogen that those bubbled release is explosive. Make sure the battery remains dry. Use gloves & eye protection to keep any of the water-mixed-with-soda in your eyes, rinse immediately & thoroughly if any contact is made. Perform this rust removal process is a well- ventilated area.

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