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Release Date: January 11, 2013 (NY)
Studio: Starz Digital Media
Director: Tom O’Brien
Screenwriter: Tom O’Brien, Chris Messina
Starring: Chris Messina, Rich Sommer, Sarah Paulson, Tom O’Brien
Genre: Drama
MPAA Rating: Not Available

Plot Summary: Set in a small fishing village on the Massachusetts coast, “Fairhaven,” part comedy, part drama is the story of three friends, reunited for a father’s funeral.

Jon (O’Brien), a former high school football star and one time college athlete, has landed back in the place of his youth – Fairhaven – a small fishing village on the Massachusetts coast. At a crossroads in his life, Jon looks for purpose and meaning in everything and through everything…from therapy to meditation. He is inspired by a 60 Minutes interview with his football hero, Tom Brady, who proclaims that, even after three super bowl wins, “There’s got to be something more than this.” If his hero can’t have it all, how can he? Although he wrestles with the idea, he finds it oddly reassuring.

A single father, Sam (Sommer) never left town. Of the three friends, he is the most responsible, and the most content, even though he is secretly still in love with his ex-wife Kate (Paulson), the girl everyone loved in high school.

Jon and Sam are awaiting the return of their best friend from high school, Dave, who is returning to Fairhaven for the first time in ten years for the funeral of his estranged father.

Dave (Messina) is the one that got out. Ten years later, when he returns for his father’s funeral, he is forced to revisit everything he ran away from. Although he portrays himself as living an easy-going life out West, troubles bubble under the surface. No matter how far he goes, he can’t escape himself.

Struggling to find their way, after a weekend together, the three friends realize that whatever life brings them, they will always have each other and it will always be good to go home.

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