Sand correct procedure when working

Sand in the operation, if you do not operate correctly, it may appear unnecessary accidents, so in order to ensure that machinery and equipment can be kept in good condition and ensure safe production, reduce occupational safety and health hazards, sand making machine for safe operation must not be ignored , following on from the China Metallurgical professionals talk about how to make your Sand safety work: Iron Ore Magnetic Separators

Check before driving tune whirl chamber door is closed tightly observed; Check the impeller rotation direction, the direction from the inlet port to see. Impeller should rotate counterclockwise, otherwise adjust the motor wiring; Sand must be unloaded start until after Sand operating normally be expected to start-up sequence, Sand and transportation equipment are: Sand nesting feeding, stop with the boot sequence in reverse order; feed particles strictly follow the regulations prohibit more than the specified material into the crusher, to avoid clogging the impeller center channel and feeding tube, feeding seek continuous and uniform; stopping when nesting equipment should be promptly stopped feeding; Sand running process, if severe vibration and abnormal noise, immediately stop checking; Sand every working class, the added amount of grease; safety is very important, so use during operation In addition to ensure the safe operation of equipment, but also perfect as possible to take protective measures, more than seven requirements must be followed. Cost Of Iron Ore Mining Machinery

Sand after use should be promptly cleaned

No matter what the product will be a long time without the use of flexible, sand making equipment used as well, using a long time to carry out checks on Sand washing it is a question worth pondering. Sand in use for some time in the future, there will be some sort of dirt dirty things, not only for the machine already have some damage, but will also greatly reduce our production efficiency. Then sustained development in the future to increase productivity and better future should be cleaned regularly Sand work when we do not want the machine suddenly stopped working, so preventive measures is always good.

After the sand making equipment in general use for some time, dirt is inevitable, would prevent the accumulation of excessive dirt and heat of the machine running, it should be cleared up. So there are several methods to clean it, mining machinery into acid and caustic cleaning, pickling first introduced, roughly twenty percent hydrochloric acid solution, such as mechanical dirt Department, after roughly ten minutes and then parked red cleaning fluid water wash, pay attention to this method should be configured when the hydrochloric acid solution was poured into water and keep stirring constantly, non-caustic hydrochloric acid into the water, we must first start the generator, in twenty kilograms of water plus 1.5 kg caustic soda and 0.5 kg of kerosene cleaning fluid injected into the dirt configured to place, constantly cleaning with a cleaning rod lye dissolved dirt, and finally wrap up with water. Whether acid or lye, are corrosive to metals must therefore be a good grasp of the ratio of the cleaning solution and cleaning time, hold degrees. Dolomite Stone Quarry Crusher in India

These methods may not say so comprehensive, but for you and your business routine maintenance work is enough. Cleaning periodically check your appeal in accordance with the method, which can not only extend the life of your machine, and much more The increase productivity, we have many years of experience in the manufacture and sale Sand, welcome to Talking cooperation.

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