Sand structures and the role of each part

Industrial production is mainly from the hopper Sand , material sifter , eddy crushing chamber , impeller and shaft bearings and other components . Sand production in which the motor is the heart and sand , plays a role in the drive shaft and the bearing power transmission , sub-feeder is grinding after the crushing of materials is an important component materials be separated , and the impeller and the whirl crushing chamber for the main material is crushed , then we conducted various parts Sand a brief functional analysis :gypsum machine in germany

Feed hopper . Sand hopper of a generally cylindrical body portion of the device is a material having good wear resistance , the wear ring is attached , no strong friction force to prevent crushing of the material to its , is the material from inside the hopper feed crusher equipment to an important transitional device broken . Material sifter . After screening the material is the material for certain Sand crushing and screening the material for a structure , which is mainly used when the material has reached the damaged part of the material will be crushed by the material standard screening is being sent Sand, while another part does not meet the size requirements of the material will be set in the role of screening material into the crushing chamber ‘s secondary crushing , and ultimately achieve acceptable particle size .ball mills for sale

Eddy crushing chamber . It is composed of an annular space formed by the two cylinders in high-speed rotary crusher internal friction of the material and the formation of combat through the impeller . Impeller. Sand impeller primarily made ​​from a special material, mounted in two bearings , the rotation by the height of the spread evenly into all parts of the material to the center of the impeller , thus causing a strong impact crushed material . Bearings and gears . Bearing belt through the motor and impeller and crushing device for transmission to play the role of a device bearing the main shaft , bearings and bearing components . Base . Base is generally rectangular shape , it is the center of the bearing , both sides are nesting devices , motor parts in the longitudinal direction of the base. Lubrication system. Sand running among the main lubrication bearing parts , usually bearing lubrication oil will take specific pump to add .

Sand making production line need to constantly upgrade

Sand making machine sand making equipment is more important equipment , how to be able to make better use of sand making machine , sand making production line in our system have better development, which we need to carry out a series of planned only to do prepare , sand making us better able to develop the production line , and hope we can go according to our ideas , and ultimately realize the value of sand making machine :

In our course , first we need to check our sand making machine equipment , parts inspection generally , instrument tables, hydraulic, instrument table to check the accuracy of the main , if found inaccurate , we can enchant a new or to debug , so as to ensure the normal operation of our equipment , in addition to our hydraulic section we also need to check in our course ,used concrete batching plant for sale in india we must meet our start , especially lubrication we must do in advance , equipment during use so that we would not burn, after another inspection , we have to be familiar with the operation , during the operation we are more skilled, in the event of problems, we also need to be resolved first time , to ensure that we development of equipment, for which we solved in the future , we need to do in our operation, to check our equipment , so as to ensure a more efficient operation of our equipment .

Sand making production line is a continuous process , so if we want to use is good, then we have to make our stable operation of each device , and ultimately achieve our objective , so that it can effectively play our equipment, it can be more nice to meet our objective of achieving our economic impressive .

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