Semi-industrial tests beneficiation

Semi-industrial tests are next due the complex nature of the ore , not much production practices, or the adoption of new technologies in the design , or a large scale concentrator , and laboratory processes and process parameters is not sufficient to demonstrate the safe and secure situation . Since it is based on laboratory tests conducted , generally required to repeat the entire contents of the laboratory tests , and projects should focus on the design or content of the test is most needed . Semi-industrial test content requirements are as follows . Zenith Mining Equipment

Ore sample test

Semi- industrial tests ore samples must be taken according to the sampling design of ore samples . Ore samples and laboratory tests should be like mine is basically the same , preferably in accordance with the same batch of ore samples taken with a sampling design . If it is not the same batch of ore mined , the ore deal with semi- industrial tests to check verification and identification of additional analysis work ; ore samples representative if inconsistent , still need to separate the part of the ore samples from the semi- industrial tests ore samples , test or expand a small flow chamber tests to verify the continuous comparison test .

Identification of ore analysis

Generally no longer required to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the ore and identification , usually only for ore multi- element chemical analysis , phase analysis , determination of clay content , density, bulk density, particle size analysis and physical properties containing ore , and take a minority representative ore blocks mineral identification verification. Content analysis and identification of other ore only supplement upon request semi-industrial pilot project content. For example, high intensity magnetic separation test weakly magnetic minerals , ores shall determine the content of different minerals than the susceptibility and the ferromagnetic minerals ; magnetite dry weakening preselection test shall measuring coercive force of the ferromagnetic minerals ; heavy media beneficiation tests need to be re- analyzed according to the test liquid grain size ; washing or flotation tests , in addition to the need to carry ore clay content analysis, viscous mud still need to be analyzed . Parts For Vibration Screen

Process structure

Semi- industrial tests are based on laboratory tests recommended processing methods and processes , in addition to laboratory tests to verify outside , often in semi-industrial tests have yet to adjust and improve processes , conducted trials process structure . For example, broken grinding process test , sometimes you want to wash mine and ore washing overflow handling tests , pre- tests , grading tests , different methods of grinding and classification methods combined test , discard coarse tailings and get part of the kibble conditions final concentrate of the test , since the grinding process, the need to exclude the trial size range of stone and stone and stone processing measures ; sorting test, stage grinding and separation tests , grading selected and not selected for the comparison test grading , selection and scavenging number of tests , trials ore and return locations and compared with experimental treatment alone , off the mud test, job enrichment experiments , increasing the fine sieve test operations , blockades at every high intensity magnetic separation test residue testing. Detailed test content , because the focus of the test items and test varies , depending on the specific situation should be OK.

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