she and I got along pretty good

Is he married? !Her out of the alley woolrich jackets and saw the high street hanging Hospital of Southern manifold advertising. Cui, director in the car last night, she said she remembered.”Which hospital is the South manifold Hospital.”Zhong Gulou Street opposite the Southern manifold Hospital, and is ZhenAi not noticed. ZhenAi footsteps getting slower and slower.Southern manifold Hospital, fourth floor, 406 ward. Old man who sail is closed the books, just said, these are Qihua took over the forge after the statements. “His gaze from the notebook over the white bed semi-lying.Zhangrun eyes closed, nose slightly some ups and downs. His hair gray. Him into the hospital because of a brain haemorrhage and the illness let him emaciated. Sail frowned old that he was tall and omnipotent father, being infirm.When his eyes closed, vulnerable like a child. Chapter Runye eyes slowly opened, but it is sharp and aggressive look, as before. He is a stubborn man, old, are

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also never throw in the woolrich parka towel.”Dad.” Sail called a cry.The Chapter Runye nose buzzing moan.Some could not bear to set sail, he closed the report, reminds the sheets pull it as his, but the feelings of their fathers’ always so pimple. Sail said: “You have a good rest, the Qihua things you left the hospital to say.”The Chapter Runye struggling sat up in bed, rest? How he can have a good rest, and there are a lot of things waiting for him to do. Zhang Qihua so He speaks a lot of heart, but he also worried sail, although he never said, but I always feel you want to do things for him. When he was young, and married a good wife, but at that time he did not cherish, as one of their own dreams, and he thought it was all, in the end only to find, but it is useless luxury, life is but so. The ex-wife of a pair of twin sons born to him and take the name of the sail and Kai boat, but died because of dystocia. That time he was so young, wholeheartedly, he sent them to woolrich down parka go abroad to study hard for the cause, a whole year a whole year is too busy to see them.He married a wife now remarried. Send the cost of living, he gave them the whole year, but still a whole year not to visit them.Later, his son grew up, they stood in the front, so he could not help but be filled with emotion. He did not try to do the father’s responsibility, it does not know Kai boat and her mother suffering from congenital heart disease, and the length of life is all in God hands, as a father, he knew nothing about.Qizhou death, he always felt like an invisible wall between him and set sail, he walked into the sail can get out of. He had the feeling that he is the hate him. Set sail from small and Kai boat together, the two had each other’s children, feelings should be very deep.Looked at him meditation, without a word, set sail said: “committed to something, I will go to deal with.”"Yesterday, you have not seen the posture that this girl touches the longer woolrich arctic parka beautiful.”Sail do not know why he is suddenly talking about this, and only a faint smile. He looked at the table, a small mom and Qihua is time to come to the hospital. Although he what prejudices they did not, but if you can not meet, he was trying not to see them. Small mom that person anything. Is particularly biased Qihua, but how can you blame her, and the world which the mother is not so.The people he most wanted to see now is the ZhenAi, and last night he promised her to go home, but did not expect after my father read the statements, Qihua and his bucket a few mouth disease, he had to put him to the hospital to.Zhangrun shut our eyes and would like to speak to him, “I listen tzu said, you recently and a girl very close.”Sail stunned for a moment, do not speak. He always wanted to find the appropriate time and he said to just perhaps not a good time, and he knew that his father has always been picky very. He was not sure whether he can accept ZhenAi. He want to be with her mind to go against their will, and not because of his father’s opposition. If only can he want more blessings.”These things I will deal with their own.” Sail.The Chapter Runye said: “So should pose say is true?”"Dad, you have a good rest.” He went over to the bed, the report on the table.That heat will not listen the last part of the bed, and proceeded to say: “This past year, should pose has been to follow me around and she was a good kid Kai boat in, they might have been married.”Sail stopped at the foot of the bed.”You is not small.” Lamented Zhangrun industry Qizhou most worried should pose, you take good care of her … “Say anything, sail know what his father will talk, he interrupted his words: “Dad, my thing and should pose little relationship, she and I got along pretty good, but not yet to the way you want to say . “”You asked should pose?” He asked, floor and sound.Sail heart suffocation, impossible! Should pose? How could that be? !”Where the posture you take care of her, you promised to woolrich men jackets do?”"Of course I will.”For life? “”Dad, you think too much.” He promised Kai boat, to take care of her. To him, he promised, and my heart one thousand willingly Qizhou wish that lost happiness, he let her happiness. Set sail on his father’s eyes, some confusion.For many years, he did not see too the Chapter Runye as worried expression. He had thought to hear Kai boat before his death, he said, he will not be so sad. But feel kind of lost loved ones, instantly burning in his heart, and burns to his heart.He Pianguo Tou go, try to take a deep breath, but did not hear industry Zhangrun said: “You should never understood posture.”Sail door pushed open the heavy unit, a long corridor like to see a light blue clothing or not, but the corridor. Glanced at his back wards inside, the mood is unusually complex, sad or perplexed?S-floor apartment of his district, to see the ZhenAi standing at the door waiting for him. She wore a light blue heart-shaped thin sweater neck with an early summer’s most popular water blue lightweight scarf.”How not to call me?”"I know you’ll be back.”

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