Should Notice the Operation of Cement Miller

A cement mill is an installation used to grind the clinker component of concrete. Clinker is a hard, nodular material produced by sintering aluminosilicate and limestone in a cement kiln. There are several cement mill types which are able to grind clinker of which the ball mill machine is the most common. Cement mill in cement production plays a very important role in cement grinding operation, can not arbitrarily changecement grinding process, must according to the correct operation standard, in the operation of cement mill should pay attention to the following two points:

Of cement mill for barring inspection, cleaning equipment driving position of the debris, ensure equipment aroundobstacles, cement grinding operation in addition to operating personnel and other personnel may not be close to. In the cement miller running regularly on hollow shaft structure for inspection, ensure the hollow axle temperature ornormal, oil ring without belt oil phenomenon, when the hollow axle temperature rise after abnormal to take forced cooling measures, can not stop immediately to avoid the cement grinding machine “axle” fault. When the cement grinder at work when the unexpected power failure phenomenon, to cut open gate stop cement mill continued to mine water, avoid theequipment for operation not only caused serious equipment damage or production accidents.

Start in the cement equipment before the equipment driving device, a safety device, lubrication system to conduct a comprehensive and careful examination, ensure cement grinding lubricant is enough, all the components are connected bolt looseness, lubricating parts parts flexible rotation, cement mill transmission mechanism is flexible and reliable running, accurate indication of each indicating instrument. The grinding medium filling volume and pulpmaterial supply should be strictly in accordance with the equipment design and production capacity of rules added, nocement mill overload, in formal operation must be carried out before less than 15min idle test machine, avoid long time idling caused by cement grinding internal lining plate structure damage.

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