Side Effects Of Over Masturbation Myths And Facts

One of the most discussed and less explored subjects in male sexual health is the side effect of over masturbation. Even after years of research and abundant study surveys, clouds of doubt surround the topic. The medical world is divided into two stark groups one debating it is the root cause of several physical and psychological problems and the other claiming it as a great stress buster plus an extremely healthy habit. Here are some popular myths and the actual scientific facts behind them.

Myth 1: Lower back pain is one of the side effects of over masturbation.

Fact: It isn’t definitely. Lower back pain is a result of unhealthy, lethargic lifestyle and overweight. Rarely wrong sexual or masturbation positions can also lead to lower back pain. Several sexually active men, who rarely masturbate, suffer from lower back pain due to decreased physical activities.

Myth 2: Premature ejaculation and sexual weakness are side effects of over masturbation.

Fact: There are thousand reasons for a man’s poor erection from over stress in the work to diabetics. Premature ejaculation can even be a symptom of nervous disorders like Parkinson’s disease or early sign of coronary heart disease. Even men who do not indulge in this habit tend to ejaculate quickly once in five times. In fact modern sexual therapists train young men to prolong their erection through masturbation.

Myth 3: Fatigue, loss of concentration and anxiety are side effects of over masturbation.

Fact: Male orgasm is a very pleasurable experience stimulating millions of Dopamine synthesizing neurons in the lower brain. The pleasure is extremely addictive. Once men get the hang of it, they crave for more. To put it very simply, a child getting the remark excellent in dictation strives hard to get it every time and feels lost when it doesn’t get the remark. This creates stress, fear of failure and leads to extreme hard work resulting in tiredness. The same concept can be applied here. Light hearted men who just enjoy the process and let go never feel any fatigue or anxiety. Only confused teenagers fearing about their growing addiction to the habit get anxious. Simple therapies can make them completely confident.

Myth 4: Masturbation leads to infertility and relationship problems.

Fact: This is partially true. Male body is capable of creating millions of healthy sperms at the height of its reproductive years. The purpose of the sperms is to combine with female eggs and transform into kids. Men, who tend to waste it enormously, run out of count at a young age leading to relationship problems. A perfectly healthy male aged 25 to 45 can have regular sex three to four times week. They can masturbate the same amount of time. Anything more than that will lead to infertility before the desired time.

Myth 5: Side effects of over masturbation include hair loss and premature aging.

Fact: This is the most baseless myth unsupported by any study. There are hundreds of hairless monks who never indulge in self play. Baldness and pot belly are not side effects of over masturbation, whatsoever.

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