Simply Analysis of the Limestone Production Line Flow

The lime rotary kiln consists of a rotating cylinder inclined at an angle of 3 to 4° to the horizontal direction. Limestone is fed into the upper end while fuel and combustion air are fired into the lower end. The limestone will be calcinated with a temperature around 1300 ℃. During the process limestone decomposition, release of CO2, then become quicklime. Quicklime will be cooled with temperature around 100℃. Many kilns have internal features to recover heat from the kiln gases and to preheat the limestone, while permitting the passage of air.

The process flow of limestone production line is: qualified limestone in the bunker, feeding quantity is controlled by two material level meters of the upper and lower, and then limestone through the tremie pipe is evenly distributed to the each room of preheater. Limestone in the preheater is heated to 900℃by lime pit gas of 1150℃, about 30% of decomposition, the hydraulic push rod is pushed into the rotary limestone kiln, the limestone in the limestone rotary kiln is after roasting decomposition for CaO and CO2. Decomposed to generate lime, the lime is into the cooler, cooled to below 100 ℃by cool air from cooler. Hot air by the heat of 600℃into the kiln with the gas fuel is combined combustion. Exhaust gas is against the cold wind through the induced draft fan into the bag filter, then through the exhaust fan into the chimney.

The lime is discharged from the cooler by vibrating grizzly feeder, belt conveyor and bucket elevator into the lime storage library. Whether it needs screening grading process is according to user’s needs to determine. In the lime roasting system, preheater according to different production is divided into several preheating chambers, each preheating chamber is equipped with a set of hydraulic lime rotary kiln pushing device, and river sand magnetic separator is equipped with automatic control system is controlled to transfer data to the PLC control platform, realize the central counterattack crusher centralized control. High degree of automation, the system can be applied to single point of control, make the production process more convenient. We focus on balance of the process system, air leakage of the system was improved, and the ratio of material and fuel is more reasonable, which reduce the energy loss in the fuels, and save investment.

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