Six materials screening operations summary

In the plant , coal preparation plant , screening plant, construction, chemical, light industry and other sectors , need to be screened for the material , the application is very extensive screening operations . Different according to the different , and the purpose and use of screening job applications occasion shouldered the task in the production process , screening operations can be divided into the following six :

Independent screening

When the product is used as a screening of the final product supply to the users , called independent screening, such as coal , iron ore and building stone screening . For the coal industry , independent screening screening plant mainly refers to goods of different size fractions of coal screening . Different users of thermal coal particle size requirements are different , especially the chemical industry , power generation and other sectors, the grain size of coal products is very strict , so the selection of raw materials into a variety of grain -class products , supplied to various users counterpart on rational use of resources is important. Crusher Plant Manufacturer

Prepare screening

When the screening is to provide different size fractions of selected mineral sorting job, called to prepare screening , such as the re-election and mineral magnetic screening before . For the coal industry , coal preparation equipment should supply a variety of appropriate size fractions of coal . Not too thick chunks of sorting , too small particles are difficult to recycle . In addition , coal particle size also has a great impact on the separation efficiency .

Pre-screening and screening checks

When the screening and crushing operations with the job in progress called secondary screening . If using qualified before crushing the grain size is called a pre- screening of the pre-screening ; if used after crushing to control the granularity of the crushed product is called checks and screening . Pre- screening is sometimes referred to prepare screening . In many cases, a screening operation can also act as a pre- screening and screening examination . The purpose of pre-screening material in order to avoid excessive crushing , crushing equipment to improve the production capacity and reduce power consumption. The purpose of screening is to check the product from crushing equipment , the particle size chunks screen out unqualified to ensure that the product does not exceed the required particle size limit. Stone Crushing Machine Suppliers

Dehydration screening

Will be accompanied by a large water granular material ( such as slurry , slurry, pulp , etc. ) as a screening raw materials, the removal of which is called the liquid for the purpose of screening sieve dehydration . Dehydration screening one can improve product quality , ease of storage and transport , reduce traffic and solve cold winter wear, difficult to unload the other hand, the water can be recovered for recycling .

Desliming screening and screening sculping

Technology can achieve a certain purpose, granular material or granular materials with water as a screening materials , removal of fine sieve which called off the mud off screening or referral screening . In many cases, dehydration, mud and sculping screening process is the same role there, but it is only one screening operations . To make screening more fully , should always be applied to the screen surface spray water rinse . Malaysia Ball Mill Machine

Selective screening

Typically, the granular material is screened according to the geometric dimensions ( size ) is separated , but in some cases, the screening can be separated by mass of bulk material , such as ore or coal preparation isolated according to the grade or the production of ash, which kind of screening called selective screening .

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