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athers of the artifact, just stay in the XiaFeng to inheriting down, and small art what they say little dragon, is this artifact of the apparatus spirit! Boom –! HaoXuan face a heavy, general momentum suddenly become violent terrible, the terrible momentum across out, will be around many of the yuan against the holy are knockback, all look horror, they know, HaoXuan finally is must go! XieQuan nearby, see HaoXuan seems to be crazy feeling, face vernier under, then quickly toward HaoXuanBiao shot, though he to the law of the space strength are full of confidence, but moncler jackets HaoXuan after all is not the ordinary yuan holy, the latter try very hard to blow, XieQuan really afraid of this law space resist not! HaoXuan excalibur a hand pick, immediately drink a way: artifact skills, destroy day sword! What a blast! Hiss HSS! Although HaoXuan skills are not thoroughly the release, but the outbreak of xw880cc20121108 the imposing manner, is already let this law space space fracture constantly blink, color light cover vibrate, thunder and lightning, energy into extreme detonation disorderly! Artifact bite dragon in the mainland ten big artifact in, damage though just ranked in the fifth level, but now this artifact skills moncler outlet by HaoXuan cast out, power and LinFeng cast shadow lotus detonation obviously not a level, today’s HaoXuan, is completely will artifact has powerful full display, its power not is not terrible! Damn it! Give me stop, artifact skills, town magic cut! See HaoXuan crazy, XieQuan outraged at present, in HaoXuan this sword, he is already

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