Slag slag crusher to reduce production costs

Slag are high hardness material and may contain strongly acidic substances , corrosive . Therefore, when crushed slag processing is to select choice corrosion resistance , resistance to hard materials specifically crusher . We launched through in-depth study of material properties and slag crushing principle of the new cone crusher , the series developed by cone machine is designed for high hardness materials , reliable operation , superior performance, you can choose different slag crushing chamber according to particle size type conducted on slag crushing , ultra- fine crushing of different processing modes.stone crushing machines for sale

Cone crusher ideal device for implementing waste recycling and reuse efficient cone crusher, the design will be speed, stroke and type of crushing chamber optimized combination to achieve the intergranular laminating crushing significantly improves yield, product grain shape perfectly , while the device is equipped with the company developed new composite rolling acetabular wall , is the longest life wear parts on the market today , significantly reducing production costs. Improve resource utilization, the development of the tailings and other waste of resources , the development of recycling economy, has become a Choice of current development. With the national advocate tailings and other waste utilization , while the support of the relevant preferential policies , the cone crusher recycling aspects of ore won at the end of the market , and has overcome the traditional hydraulic cone crusher cone crusher yield contradictions and ” fineness ” of the chamber using a variety of fine lines and replace broken laminated crushing principle , making the finished cube crushing proportion significantly higher decrease flakiness stones , more uniform grain size , and yield stability, fully meet the production needs.stone crusher machinery

The use of energy-saving advantages of cement fan system

Any one industry in the development process are presented with cyclical nature of the cement industry is no exception , in recent years, the cement industry cycle in about five years. In fact, this is also periodically every five years with a national economic development plan is closely related lines , but overall is still showing growth trend . The cement industry due to its high energy consumption, high pollution has been focused on the characteristics of the environmental protection department , where the cement industry coal consumption reached more than 15 % of the country ‘s coal consumption , the national cement production in the promotion can be described also spared no effort . NSP on water resources, coal consumption , electricity consumption were significantly reduced. mobile stone crusher supplier

Although many but small power, low energy consumption equipment in storage, transportation and metering systems in cement production equipment in its production process ; while the material crushing, grinding and calcining equipment power, high energy consumption , mostly high-voltage equipment . In this process, cement blower system is an important position , one of which is indispensable due to its cement production process status , then there is the required fan energy consumption of cement in the production process . Therefore, control of fan energy consumption is especially important , mainly by the recovery of cement fan heat , waste heat utilization, oxygen combustion, dust collection , material screening process. In addition, fans can cement the technological transformation of high-voltage inverter , frequency transformation of the fan directly to abandon the traditional baffle , valves, couplers and other measures taken by the mechanical loss frequency control is saving energy loss and baffle closure Besides the loss of fluid coupling also reduces the mechanical load on the grid and the fan motor and also a protective effect.

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