slimming formula are extracts from natural plants

Aerobic exercise, if take a walk, bike, meizitang and swimming can lower blood pressure, so as to protect the heart, reduce low-density lipoprotein content, and keep the artery blood wall elasticity, let blood flow. Specific the exercise scheme for: 5 days a week, exercise every day for 30 minutes. Carry momentum in the exercise can also talking and singing is advisable.
High intensity exercise to the brain to intermittent pump blood and oxygen, which let people keep active. The expert points out, the hippocampus in the brain is a memory storage place, blood anoxic will be accelerated the ageing process. Specific the exercise scheme for: each exercise 2 minutes (moderate intensity), add strength to anaerobic exercise state, continue again after 1 minute slow, and so recycle. Twice one week.
The Colorado university health science center (Denver) elderly medical professor Wendy,Fruta Planta Weight Loss, think of strength training is to maintain the normal operation of the body function best way, can let a person appear tall and young. Specific exercise methods for: twice a week 20 minutes of strength training, beginners can choose 0.6-1.2 kilograms of dumbbell, have the basis can be chosen 5-10 kilograms of dumbbell, and exercise all parts of the muscle groups.
Yoga can let the figure is more slender, skin wrinkles less, at the same time also can reduce stress. Senior United States yoga teacher Larry ? Payne said: “yoga practice, can let your mouth, jaw, eyebrows, forehead and facial muscles relax, furrow nature will reduce, let a person radiant, buck up.” The best exercise the method is: four times a week, every time 30 minutes of practice. Fruit vinegar let you more drink more thin
Easy a cold since morning drink “vinegar”
Fruit vinegar can improve immunity. Fruit vinegar contains rich vitamin and amino acids, can in the body and calcium calcium acetate synthesis, increase the absorption of calcium, let the body more strong. Fruit vinegar also contain rich vitamin C, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, can prevent the cellular canceration and cell aging, increase the body’s resistance. all of the ingredients of slimming formula are extracts from natural plants.

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