Small & Midsized Companies Are Attracted to Cisco’s 4500E Series For Their Demanding Networks

Many new businesses have been turning towards catalyst switches from bridges. There are many reasons for doing that but this is only beneficial if you are looking forward to doing a complete research on the best switches available in the market. Brands play a very important role when you do not want your money going down the drain. Whenever you are looking for something for your business, make sure to search for the best brands available in the market that has proved their performance, efficiency and reliability. We all have heard of Cisco and we all know what sort of performance is delivered by its products. The latest second generation Cisco 4500E Series are catalyst switches which deliver high performance and high availability like rest of the Cisco products.

Talking about security, it is very important for your business success and uninterrupted performance. These Cisco switches ensure the security is delivered to the end user and this is most pronounced of all the features. The new Cisco 4500E Series have introduced borderless network and this is absolutely perfect to be used in small and medium sized businesses struggling with complex networks. There are so many benefits of using a borderless network which has been created with a security packed switch. Because of this, there is absolutely no need of having multiple broadcast domains. Moreover these domains can also be split up as the Cisco switches are synced with the VLAN’s.

Once your business starts using the Cisco 4500E Series, you will keep noticing the differences between networking and there are many other cost benefits of using these smart and high performance switches. Apart from not having to keep multiple broadcast domains, these switches support the VLAN that will help in segmentation of the ports. In the recent years, more businesses have switched from the use of bridges on their networks to the use of these reliable switches. This is because using switches is more secure and also, they are not so CPU oriented. Switches are more recognized as being hardware oriented and they take less brain of the computer. These catalyst switches have also been used in place of routers. They are said to be more cost efficient than routers. For fewer prices, you can get more switches with more ports than you would get routers.

The latest second generation Cisco 4500E Series have all the latest features which you will love to have in your office. They have forward and backward compatibility and so many of its features make it desirable to be used by businesses. The switches are best used with small and medium sized businesses, the requirements of which can easily be fulfilled by these switches. The capacity of 1.6 TB also includes a hardware option of having a Virtual Switching System. The new series also come with multiple ports of different sizes. There are copper ports and fiber ports and these all get together to enhance the quality as well as the performance of the Cisco 4500E Series switches. is offering the widest range of high quality and economical Cisco devices including network and security products, Cisco wireless LAN Controllers, Gbics, Sfps, WS-C3750X-24T-L LAN Base, cables, WS-C3750V2-24PS-E switch, network accessories and Cisco switches.

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