Sony AIT-2 Turbo Tape’s Storage Value and Performance Compared With Rival VXA-2 Backup Format

Nowadays, the data administrators are surrounded by stringent challenges and are expected to improve efficiency, security and performance with their constrained resources. E-business operations demand fast processing, robust security and superior value-added services.  Unfortunately, if you are unable to retrieve mission critical information in-time, your company might lose its profitable clients and face hefty financial penalties enforced by the government data retention legislations.

As I.T centers are burdened by the fast-growing operational data, the business enterprises are looking to maximize their security and data storage capability while reducing their operating expenses. The SMB (Small & medium businesses) are enjoying these benefits with Sony’s innovative AIT turbo tape format. Customers are provided the best combination of economical pricing, fast data processing, cost efficient scalability, uninterrupted performance and robust security. Its second generation, AIT-2 turbo, is the most compact solution for advanced business enterprises and an exceptional range of organizations (small to medium-sized).

This AIT2 turbo solution features 3.5-inch compact drives and compact tape featuring part number TAIT2-80N. The drives have been engineered with ATAPI (IDE) and the industry leading SCSI ultra 160 interface. So the IT staff should feel confident that they can conveniently integrate these drives in their complex infrastructure. This small AIT2 turbo tape preserves voluminous 80 GB raw data. The built-in 64KB memory chip accelerates data searching and ensures consistent performance.

Sony AIT2 turbo delivers 2x higher storage performance that its rival VXA2 system. With 12 MB/s native speed, the customers of most demanding IT environments can efficiently complete their data backups. Moreover, AIT2 turbo tape features a remarkable 30% higher recording capacity with compressed data. Therefore, customers can accommodate more data while utilizing lesser shelf space. Compression algorithm in VXA2 drives double the performance, whereas AIT2 turbo drives feature unmatched 2.6:1 compression.

AIT-2 turbo drives are also unbeatable in terms of backward media compatibility. It is compatible with a number of AIT tapes and allows data recording/reading. Part number of these tapes has been listed here:

Sdx2-36c, sdx2-50c, sdx2-50w (AIT 2 tapes)

Sdx1-25c, sdx1-35c (AIT 1 tapes)

TAIT1-40C, TAIT1-40N (AIT 1 turbo tapes)

With such exceptional AIT media range, you can easily store and share the critical business documents across different AIT systems. Additionally, the AIT customers scaling up to AIT 2 turbo system can save money and time as the previous backup resources can be accessed without any hassle. You can utilize the AIT 2 turbo tapes for 30000 passes, and the drives’ working life has been further improved to 50000 contact hrs. Sony has used the innovative media formulation, AME (Advanced Metal Evaporated), which has increased the base film’s durability. Media wear-and-tear is also significantly lower than rival tape cartridges. So the drives can operate seamlessly at a faster rate and deliver the industry-leading 300,000 hour MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures).

Customers of Sony AIT 2 turbo can enjoy peace of mind as their tape investments can be extended. The multiple generations help improve your data center’s performance and address the evolving data security challenges.


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