Sony AIT 2 Turbo,The ideal Tape Storage Solution For Businesses S

All businesses need data backups to run smoothly. Backing up your data is as essential as having security for your bank lockers. Sometimes, data and software can be worth more than millions of dollars and can cost you more than just money. Always be careful to choose your backup device. The old traditional ways of backing up data have been long gone out of the scene and if we talk of the convenient USBs; they are just too mainstream.

Moreover, these devices are not reliable for storing in large amounts of data and cannot fulfill the requirements of businesses no matter how small one is. Tape storage systems are definitely what you a business needs if it is looking for a cheap and very convenient way of backing up data quickly and efficiently.  Tape based systems are a very reliable and the best solution of storing data. They store the data on the magnetic tape and allow for the flexibility to read and write off data.

Some of you might still be wondering why you need the backup security for your data. The answer is very simple; as long as the threats of viruses exist and as long as your computer is exposed to other threats such as theft, natural disasters and hacking, you will always need backups.Sony’s new AIT 2 turbo tape media system is the enhanced version of the earlier AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape) technology. It provides greater speed and higher capacity as compared to the previous version of its AIT tapes. The 8mm AIT format, conforming to the standards of the industry, is still there though.

AIT tapes were introduced in the mid 1996 and since then it has been proved to be an extremely high speed and mid range solution for data backups.The Sony AIT 2 turbo cartridge has a native capacity of 80 GB and this can be increased to 208 GB for the storage of compressed data. It has a remote 64 MB memory. This tape media cartridge has been built with the flash memory chip which stores directory and operational information.

This increases the speed and storage performance. Additionally, it also plays an important role in accelerating media loading and ejection time. The Sony AIT 2, TAIT2-80C turbo tape features the AME (Advanced Metal Evaporation) formulation. Pure cobalt is made to evaporate and this is then deposited directly on the film base. This gives the tape high flux magnetic density. It has also been built in with the protective layer and a durable cartridge shell to help enhance the useful life and allow long term storage.

The new AIT tapes take into account cost effectiveness and smooth scalability as the key features. Many businesses avoid using the backing up procedures thinking they might cost them a lot of money and time, but with the Sony AIT 2 turbo tape storage system this is no longer true. You can easily and quickly store your data onto these reliable tapes without any interruptions. is the best on-line store that has a vast range of tapes and other backup devices. You will surely be satisfied with these exquisite low prices. Mark Paul Online Digital Solutions LLC, 39 Southend Road, East Ham London E62AL Tel: 0203 005 9500 Email:

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