Sony AIT-3 Backup Tape is Clearly The Winner in Small Business Segment

The fact is that all companies (small to large) and financial organizations are burdened by the enormous data growth and industry regulations that dictate safe storage of this data for longer time period. So the organizations need to strengthen data security and make this information available to their mobile employees and stake holders round-the-clock. Most importantly, there shouldn’t be any disruptions, as the customer orders would not be processed in-time. As a result, businesses will have to bear hefty financial loss.

You might be thinking that it is impossible to ensure smooth business continuity when there are numerous threats (viruses, data breaches, hardware crashes etc.) that cannot be prevented even with the most stringent data security measures. The solution is simple and the most reliable, which is creating periodic data backups. The organizations can confidently overcome these hazards and improve their productivity.

SMBs (small and medium businesses) are challenged with improving their data management at a low cost, and satisfying their fast-growing storage needs without sacrificing media shelf space. Sony’s superior backup media expertise has satisfied this persistent demand with AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape) technology. It is the most compact backup format offering a solid scalable path and innovative features.

AIT 3 media solution ensures efficient use of data-center space with its 3.5″ half-height drive. It features smart head cleaner and supports SDX3-100C (rewritable AIT3 tape) and SDX3-100W (WORM tape).  Information written on this WORM (write once, read many) cartridge stays in its original state throughout the storage period. This is a smart choice as the data cannot be intentionally or unintentionally tampered. Industry-leading storage density has been achieved by Sony through the AME (Advanced Metal Evaporated) formulation. Tiny AIT3 tape can reliably stores un-compressed data amount of 100 GB. IT staff can carry these tapes in their shirt pocket. Their strong architecture coupled with robust cartridge shell minimizes the damage risk.

This AIT 3 drive ensures longer working life and higher data compression than traditional linear tape drives. The smart helical scan system plays key role in reducing the tape tension. The result is sharply reduced media wear-and-tear and improved tape stability. So the AIT 3 users can be rest assured of unbeatable 400,000 power-on hours (mean time between failures). The AIT-3 tape’s base film is also more robust than rival iron oxides tapes. DLC (Diamond like Carbon) coating has been applied on its base film, which has increased media life of this compact tape to 30 years. So the companies can maximize the value of their tape investment and also enjoy superior performance than their competitors.

The backup speed accelerates to 31 MB/s (compressed mode). Additionally, the previous AIT2 and AIT1 tapes can also be added to the new dataset. Data can be recorded as well as retrieved from both these tapes. AIT3 is the only backup tape system that supports three generations. With an average media loading time of 10-11 seconds, AIT 3 is clearly the best tape solution that ensures fastest data access of 27 seconds.

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