Sony AIT 3 Tape Most Economical Backup Solution To Boost Your Business’ Backup Performance

Businesses all over the world are now dependant on computers,  and they have become an intrinsic part of all business operations. Computers ease the whole process of storing crucial business data and also reduce the probability of human error. Despite these benefits that usage of computers has for a business, they cannot be trusted wholly. Data stored on computers is susceptible to multiple threats like malware, spyware, hardware & software malfunction, virus attack, power breakdown and even natural hazards which are beyond human control.

These threats pose a real danger for any business organization as exposure to these threats result in permanent loss of data. As already noted, this data is crucial for continuity of a business as it contains transaction details, financial records, clients’ details etc. Without this data, business would not be able to carry on with its day to day activities and it is highly likely that the business would incur heavy loss. And here backup technology comes into play, backup technology makes sure that all your valuable data is stored in an offsite location and can be retrieved easily in event of any disaster. It is an unwise decision to ignore the importance of backup technology and not to install it at your workplace.

Sony has been committed to providing most innovative and advanced IT products to its customers. Sony AIT 3 tape media is a based on AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape) format. It is ideal for small and medium sized businesses and efficiently meets all their storage requirements. It offers 200 GB of storage capacity for native data and with compression feature this capacity is further enhanced and these cartridges can store up to 260 GB of compressed data.To further enhance the data integrity and security these tapes offer WORM (write once read many) feature which makes it possible for a business to access its data several times without compromising on its security and also protects it against any unauthorized access.

Sony AIT 3, SDX3-100C cartridge delivers superior performance compared to other tape technologies available like LTO or DLT tape format. For greater flexibility these tapes also offer the option of re-writable operations. AME (Advanced Metal Evaporated) technology is integrated in these tapes which enhances its performance and durability. Another unique feature of this tape is MIC (Memory in Cassette) technology which provides faster data transfer and reduces media loading time allowing business to access its data within 27 seconds and its media loading time is only 10 seconds.

These tapes are backward compatible which means it is compatible with older generations of AIT tape format. These cartridges are designed to perform under harsh working conditions and can withstand mechanical and vibration shocks.AIT3 tape cartridge is compatible with Sony AIT 3 drives, which can be connected to SCI ultra 160 and single ended LVDS ports. These drives can process data at a faster rate. it can transfer native data at a speed of 12 megabytes’ per second and compressed data at a speed of 31 megabytes’ per second.  This is the most robust and reliable backup technology offered by the leading IT brands which makes sure that its products are economical and deliver optimal performance.

Business enterprises trust that is well-renowned for the exquisite range of tape media products. So all of your storage needs can be cost efficiently fulfilled with our high quality backup products. Mark Paul Online Digital Solutions LLC, 39 Southend Road, East Ham London E62AL Tel: 0203 005 9500 Email:

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