Sony AIT 3 Tape-Smart Choice For Off-Site Protection Of Business Data

Businesses all over the world are using computers to maintain its data, as computers not only efficiently store data but also require little manual labor to operate. Important business data like accounts information, clients information are stored in computers. But like any other machine we cannot rely completely on computers, as they are vulnerable to many threats like virus attacks, software bugs and even natural disasters.

In case of exposure to such threats, business would lose its essential data permanently. Any business, who is concerned about its data, should install an efficient backup solution. By installing a backup solution, business not only makes a duplicate copy of its data but also enhances the chance of smooth business continuity.

Sony has designed a robust backup tape technology which offers its customers increased data security, cost efficient data storage and optimal performance. Sony has invented AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape) technology, which ensures that all backup storage challenges faced by small and medium sized business are met. Sony AIT 3 media tape is a smart choice for any business that is looking for a durable and reliable tape technology to backup its data.

It offers 100 GB of storage space for native data and with a compression feature, it can store 260 GB of compressed data. Another amazing feature is that this Sony AIT 3 system is WORM (write once read many) mechanism, which makes sure that business data is protected against any un-authorized access, manual errors and unintentional data corruption.Sony AIT 3, SDX3-100C tape offers re-writable operation, which provides businesses with greater flexibility. AIT tape technology is superior to other tape technologies available in the market.

Sony has integrated AME (Advanced Metal Evaporated) technology in manufacturing Sony AIT 3 tape, which has increased the performance and durability of these tapes drastically. Unique MIC (Memory in Cassette) technology gives customers increased data transfer rate and reduced media loading time. Business can access its data within 27 seconds and media loading time is 10 seconds only.

Archival life of this tape is up to 30 years. It also offers backward compatibility which means Sony AIT 3 tape is compatible with older generations of AIT tape. These tapes are engineered in a way that they can withstand mechanical and vibration shocks. This tape provides business data security and protection that can be trusted completely.

Sony AIT 3 drives offer SCSI ultra 160 and single ended LVDS ports, these drives not only increases storage capacity but also provide higher data transfer rates. Transfer speed for native data is 12 megabytes’ per second and transfer rate for compressed data is 31 megabytes’ per second. These tape drives incorporate “head cleaner” system which means the drive requires less cleaning. Sony offers its customers another product SDX1-CL which is a cleaning cartridge compatible with all generations of AIT drives.ony AIT 3 tape comes with scalable AIT format, it is the most cost efficient backup solution which offers maximum performance and provides off-site protection to valuable business data.

Business enterprises trust that is well-renowned for the exquisite range of tape media products. So all of your storage needs can be cost efficiently fulfilled with our high quality backup products. Mark Paul Online Digital Solutions LLC, 39 Southend Road, East Ham London E62AL Tel: 0203 005 9500 Email:

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