Sony AIT 4 Delivers The Best Operating Efficiency In Midrange Backup Tape Industry

If you look at the corporate world, a little of data might be worth more than millions. Even a little piece of information is very important and the loss of it can mean a lot to the organization. This data, no matter how many precautions are taken, can be lost at any time. There are many reasons for data loss which cannot be controlled by anyone. The most common reasons of data loss are accounted to theft, unauthorized access to data and hacking.

These things can be controlled to some extent by increasing security around the medium on which the data is stored. But there are many other things which can be held responsible for loss of data. These things might include some natural disaster such as earthquake or floods and these can leave the computer systems damaged. There is also the chance of viruses entering computer systems. So it all comes down to the fact that it is absolutely not possible to take care of all these aspects. But there are ways to rake care of your data and make sure it stays safe and secure and also stays with you. For this purpose, backing up data has always helped a lot.

The corporate world of today has highly incorporated the use of computer systems in their day to day operations; so much so that businesses can hardly function any longer without the use of computer systems. It definitely is the backbone of the entire organization and any loss of data can mean disruption in this entire process. And because of this, the process of regularly backing up data has become an important thing to consider for all businesses.

The traditional methods to store data have long since become outdated. They no longer fulfill the requirements of the businesses today. Tape drives have been introduced for making the process of backing up data fairly simple and more practical for everyone. Tape drives allow users to read and write off data which is stored on a magnetic disk and this data can be accessed whenever it is required in the future. Many companies like Sony have come up with their tape drives. Sony has always been among the best brands and its products are trusted for reliability and good quality all over the world.

The Sony AIT 4 backup tape has a native capacity of 100 GB and this can be increased to up to 520 GB for the storage of compressed data. And because the data transfer rate is extremely important in judging the performance of the tape, the Sony AIT 4 cartridges support transfer rate of 24 megabytes per second.

The Sony AIT 4 media tape definitely makes the backing process very simple and very quick. No special expertise is required for this and also this backup system is very economical. This can be the best and the cheapest way to keep the data updated on mediums other than the computer itself. It also offers businesses a solid scalable platform.

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