Sony AIT 5 Has Gained Immense Popularity In Mid-Range Backup Tape Segment

In the corporate world of today, backing up data has become a very important factor. Working with computer systems and knowing that you don’t have any backup copies of data is like working in an environment full of risk. Your data can be lost, therefore you cannot fuel your business operations. So you must backup your data.  Businesses make use of important data in their routine operations and this data is extremely crucial for business continuity. Losing data can mean a loss of millions of dollars to firm plus the time which will be taken in order to restore.

Computer systems are after all machines and they cannot be relied on. Because of such reasons, the data stored on the hard drives of computer systems should be protected and kept safe. Since backing up data has become so important, new ways are being developed everyday to make this process easier and more comfortable for users. Tape systems are the most realible means of backing up data. Data can be read and written off with these tape drives and can be access later when needed. Sony has also come up with its tape system; the Sony AIT-5.

The tape system has been incorporated with the latest Sony AIT technology (Advanced Intelligent Tape). A tape drive with a compact form factor stands apart from rest of its kind. Sony is definitely the right choice as no other tape has been built with a MIC chip and a truly robust architecture. The MIC chip embedded in the tape is a built in flash memory, and all the operational information and directory are stored on this chip.

This result is rapid data access and also helps in reducing the loading/unloading time. The Sony AIT-5 tape has been designed with a pure metallic layer which gives the media tape more capacity for data storage and also enhances its durability. With a native storage capacity of 400 GB, the Sony AIT-5 SDX5-400C tape is ideal for small and medium sized businesses. The storage capacity can be increased to around 1.04 TB for compressed data. The data transfer rate of the cartridge makes the whole process of backing up extremely quick and simple. Sony AIT-5 tape has a transfer rate of 24 megabytes per second.

Above all, the backing up procedure has been made extremely affordable and can be confidently used by small businesses as well. Sony AIT-5 solution doesn’t cost a lot and can be used for storing large data volumes in space-constrained environments. The base film has been encapsulated inside a strong cartridge, so it can be easily transported offsite.

Additionally, the storage case will protect the tape from dust and any damage caused by accidental drop or rough media handling.  The top layer of tape reel has been coated with smooth carbon, which is twenty times stronger than other traditional coatings featured in rival tape formats. All these features make the Sony AIT 5 tape media format extremely cost efficient for the demanding enterprise applications.

Business enterprises trust that is well-renowned for the exquisite range of tape media products. So all of your storage needs can be cost efficiently fulfilled with our high quality backup products.

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