Sony AIT2 Turbo Tape System is Well Renowned For Its Superior Cost Benefits In SMB Backup Storage Industry

Superior business performance for less money is the requirement of today’s competitive environment. You won’t survive in this E-business world if you do not improve your order processing. You need to accelerate your company-wide data flow, whereas fast online data transfer is also critically important. The performance and processing speed of servers and PCs has enhanced dramatically, whereas the time-critical enterprise applications have forced the data administrators to increase their backup capabilities. With backup storage, companies overcome their information disaster.

Small & medium industry cannot handle the bulky backup storage systems. Their limited floor-space and IT expertise have increased the demand for compact solution. Sony has fulfilled this demand with its compact AIT2 turbo tape solution. It is the advanced version of industry-leading AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape) technology. Sony has intelligently increased the recording density of AIT media tapes. Sony AIT2 turbo is the right solution for midrange and low-end servers. Its intelligent compression functionality, multiple drive units and low cost per GB make it a compelling tape system.

Sony has developed two media tapes; TAIT2-80C comes with a memory chip, whereas the other AIT2 turbo tape is TAIT2-80N. An impressive 80GB information can be housed on AIT2 turbo cartridge. Their exceptional durability ensures safe data protection up to 30 years. Moreover, the compact physical size eases media handling and allows massive backup storage in your small IT center.

The high performance drive models provide a smart configuration to help reduce complexity. In addition to internal & external connectivity, Sony AIT 2turbo solution also offers rack mount configuration. These drives ensure peace of mind with all leading operating systems and improve the storage performance with the major backup applications. Superior 2.6:1 data compression is a smart functionality that creates greater storage value than rival tape systems. They usually feature compression capability of 2:1. So the storage capacity of the AIT2 tapes increases to 208 GB.

This tape system also takes the lead in its class with its exceptional backward compatibility. In addition to write-read compatibility with AIT1 turbo, the drives also work seamlessly with AIT 2 and AIT1 tapes. The intelligent helical scan technology enables the AIT 2 turbo drives to reliably stream data at a fast rate of 43.2 GB per hour. The durable base film sheds less debris, thus ensuring rock solid reliability and extending the useful life of drive head to 50000 contact hours. Sony has also incorporated an automated cleaning mechanism in all AIT 2 turbo drive models that provide a pollutant-free environment for reliable write/read operations.

The memory chip has reduced the media loading time from 25 seconds to an average of just 14 seconds. On the other hand, MIC technology also ensures an impressive data access time of only 42-43 seconds. This tape system not only provides you more space to store the backup datasets, but also protects your investment and provides a user-friendly system for smooth scalability. The SMB customers will surely outperform their rival companies and achieve superior performance with economical pricing.

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