Sony-Branded AIT5 Solution Is The Best Choice in Midrange Tape System and Outperforms DLT and Other Rivals Tapes

Today’s business environment is encapsulated by stringent data retention legislations and is facing tough competition. Therefore, the businesses have to be proactive; otherwise they will have to pay hefty price for tampered or lost data. So, you should be well prepared to handle information disaster, and no other strategy can be more reliable than creating data backup.

Small & midsized organizations are also backing up their data, as they can’t afford any interruption in their E-business operations. Backup tape system that has been efficiently catering the needs of SMB industry is Sony’s Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) format.

Its space efficiency is unmatched, whereas the scalable generations facilitate customers to make a quality decision. Its latest AIT-5 generation is widely for small networks, mid-sized data centers, entry level servers and demanding workstations.

Sony has enhanced compatibility of this backup system with external & internal drives. That means the users can conveniently integrate this tape system without increasing complexity. In addition, the precision-engineered SDX5-400C tape ensures interrupted data streaming and supreme reliability. The extraordinary storage density allows the tiny AIT5 tape to house uncompressed data volume of 400 gigabytes. The other rival tapes, DLT and LTO ultrium 3, in this class are approximately 67-68% larger in size. So the AIT5 customers will save tremendous shelf space and efficiently deal with the massive databases.

Another advantageous feature of AIT5 system that makes it a big hitter is the enhanced data compression capability. The traditional tape formats will double the storage performance, but AIT5 system achieves 2.6 to 1 data compression. So the LTO3 ultrium tape’s capacity will extend to 800GB, and AIT 5 cartridge will squeeze data amount of 1.04 terabytes. For long term archiving and reduced media deterioration, Sony has incorporated innovative dust protective bezels that provide a clean pollutant-free environment. This enables the AIT 5 drives to reliably record data at an impressive 24MB/second.

AIT generations’ backward compatibility feature allows the companies to utilize their AIT tapes for longer time duration, and also lowers the up-gradation cost. Backward media compatibility of these intelligent Sony AIT5 drives is much superior to its rivals. They can write and read three media generations. So the AIT-3Ex, AIT3 and AIT4 customers won’t have to discard their datasets, and can grow in a cost effective manner.  Rival tape formats, like LTO ultrium3, offer full compatibility only with their predecessor.

AIT-5 solution also offers long term security with its durable WORM (write once, read many) tape. This feature has been incorporated in SDX5-400W, AIT5 tape. The drives support both types of tape media. So the sensitive data cannot be altered or erased from this AIT5 WORM tape. This smart technology was engineered to eliminate unintentional data corruption.

Sony AIT5 drives deliver unprecedented reliability (MTBF of 400000 hours), as they feature the breakthrough dynamic tracking drive head. Moreover, the tape reel’s exceptional smoothness and durable coating ensure longer media life of 30000 passes.

So your IT center is more secure with AIT5 system and the fast growing data volumes can be easily managed.

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