Sony’s AIT5 Solution Offers More Cost Benefits Than Its Competitor LTO Ultrium 3 Tape System

Ongoing enhancement of data security and business performance are essential to the organizational sustainability. IT managers face tougher requirements in internet-driven marketplace. So you need to find new ways to increase productivity and business efficiency, while making less effort.

The traditional bulky backup devices cannot fit in the multifunctional data centers of medium & small companies. Therefore, they are unable to meet the new challenges at a low cost. Organizations demand backup solutions that enable storage consolidation and trouble-free scalability. These demands were fulfilled at unbeatable cost effectiveness by Sony through its breakthrough AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape) format.

Following the introduction of AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape) technology, five high performance generations have been launched. This latest AIT 5 media generation is perfect for automation configurations, enterprise data backups, medium sized organizations and widest range of small businesses. It is the smallest tape available featuring media capacity of 400 GB (uncompressed).

LTO-3, third generation of linear tape open format, is a close competitor. AIT5 is more advantageous as it features robust AME (Advanced Metal Evaporated) formulation, helical scan reading/recording system and superior storage density. The tape cartridges are also 74-75% smaller in size than LTO3. So the customers can preserve large datasets without sacrificing media storage space. Moreover, the AIT5 solution also beats LTO3 technology with its higher 2.6 to 1 compression system. The capacity doubles in LTO3 solution after compression, whereas 1.04 terabyte data can be copied on AIT-5. The compression functionality also boosts the drive speed.

Sony AIT5 drives seamlessly integrate in a wider array of IT centers. The high speed external and internal models make your data center more agile. IT managers feel confident that their mobile employees and stake holders will gain access to the critical data quickly. With its impressive 24MB/sec speed, the data processing becomes extremely efficient with the advanced time-critical applications. Full backward compatibility (write & read) of LTO3 drives is only with its predecessor. On the other hand, AIT 5 tape drives support three versions. So the AIT-3Ex, AIT4 and AIT 3 tapes can be included in the datasets along with AIT5. The businesses can address the multiple data security challenges with this single AIT format, and also maximize value of their prior tape products.

You can deploy these drives in demanding data centers. Sony has embedded innovative dust-protective bezels that help to optimize performance in harsh office environments. This has been proved with their superior mean time between failures of 400,000 hours. Other tape systems in this class deliver up to 250,000 hours. Therefore, the business critical data is safer with AIT5 solution.

The strong AME media formulation has minimized the tape friction and enhanced the tape stability. So the AIT5 tapes will perform excellently up to 30,000 passes. With the introduction of “write once, read many” tapes, AIT5 customers can take care of the accidental data corruption. Offsite backup storage needs can be fulfilled, as the tapes are shock-proof and highly resistant to harsh conditions. If your data center space is shrinking, then AIT-5 is the solution for you.

Frank Miller is the Marketing Manager of Backuptape and markets Dell LTO2 tape and LTX100G. He has vast experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping buyers who have the backup needs and guide clients about the technology.

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