Sources of water heaters

Water heaters are designed to provide heat. On domestic and commercial level its main function is to provide hot water. During winter, it is very much cold outside and therefore the natural water coming in our house for household consumption is cold. Therefore we install these heaters near the water tubs and the sinks to get warm water. There are a large number of sources that make these heaters work. The most commonly used source is gas. The gas is used in gas burners which are placed at the bottom of the apparatus and it heats the incoming cold water from one side and the heated water is then transported upwards. The use of gas is the cheap and an efficient source for gas burners. The heaters which use this source are generally storage water heaters and tank less water heaters. In case of tank water heater the cold water is given to the heater, it stores it and then heat it when used whereas in tankless water heaters.

There is such an arrangement that there is no tank for storage but as the hot water goes out from heater. The underground cold water automatically gets filled in it and you can use as much water as you want without the wear that the tank would get empty anytime. In areas where there is lack of gas, gasoline is used, the gasoline works the same manner as that of gas but it’s a bit expensive. Oil is also a source which is used in these heaters. The oil lubricates all the parts which are the components of the water heater in such a manner that the efficiency of heater is increased. Special type of insulation is provided to the heaters which utilize oil in order to prevent ignition and also to reduce the heat loss during exchange. Another source to be used is solar energy. These are the heaters in which the water is heated by solar light and then this hot water is transported through pipes to the commercial as well as residential areas.

In these heaters different types of insulation sheets are used and these sheets utilize the energy provided by the solar energy and store it also. There are certain heaters that utilize electricity as their source. In such type of heaters the electric coils are inserted inside the heaters and these coils get the electric supply externally and heat the water inside the heaters. These heaters have maximum efficiency but the use of electricity makes them expensive. All such sources are utilized differently but the basic aim of all these sources is to provide heat. All the sources mentioned above uses the same basic principle that is ignition. All produce heat as a result of which they boil water and we utilize them later. Solar heaters reduce our cost to the minimum and the installation of these heaters instead of geysers is a great decision. I would sincerely advise you to use them.

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