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With China’s official economy cooling off to around 7% growth, their requirement for imported iron ore is cooling off a bit as well. The price for iron ore (62% Fe) landed at a China port is now $123/ton. In another statistic that says a slowing in iron and steel consumption in China,stone crusher machine manufacturer in india is the steadily increase in stockpiles of iron ore, which are about equal to 80% of one months entire requirement for iron ore.

It looks like 2014 will be a sideways market for China iron ore imports, with prices ranging from $115to $130/ton. However, if the Chinese economic forecast is fairly accurate, the 4th quarter of 2014 and 2015 should see a much improved demand for iron ore in China.

Since the Chinese economic expansion has primarily driven iron ore prices for over 5 years, one had only to follow China’s consumption to see the rise and falls of iron ore.YKN Vibrating Screen With the EU economy perking up a bit, the American economy showing some glimmers of activity, and the remainder of the Asian countries straddling the line of growth, 2014 could still be a good year for iron ore, but not a great one.

Ownership is by federal and state location recording or through historical patent. Assignment is by lease or option. Complete documentation is necessary to satisfy legal requirements. This includes copies of recorded annual affidavits from state and federal agencies.Ball Mill for Mineral Processing Plant Ownership problems or lease conflicts must be resolved before inviting business visitors. Persons listed as locators on a mining claim location notice must be of one mind when an outside party is brought in. Where multiple locators are listed, one locator may accept notarized assignment agreements from all other locators. This simplifies later negotiations and presents a unified ownership to business venture capital.

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