Store Important Information on This Quantum LTO 6 Tape at a Low Cost

Backing up information that is important to an organization or a business is important. Several things could go wrong and storing such information in a separate device would help ensure that the damage caused by these incidents or threats is reduced as far as possible. DDS and LTO tapes are examples of backup technology devices.

This would help a company bounce back to its initial position without having to spend time, money and energy on researching upon the same subject or topic all over again. Often this information may not even be recoverable or traceable, if they are stored on the database or on a computer’s software, because balance sheets, taxes and data which help a business judge its progress are examples of such information.

The solution to this is to invest in backup technology. As the name suggests, backup technology would provide one with an external source on which information can be stored. This way even if the database or the software of a computer is affected due to external and internal threats (such as viruses or hackers) or disasters, there would be another medium upon which the information is stored. These tapes can be used in order to retrieve information, then. The best part about these tapes is that since they are light and compact they can be kept outside a company’s premise in order to prevent them from getting damaged or stolen.

A company involved in research, development and experimentation can always use these tapes in order to store big files and projects in order to compare more recent research with relatively older ones. Backup technology devices come with a lot of storage capacity, too. Many companies have come up with such devices and Quantum is one of these companies.

The Quantum LTO ultrium 6 is a solution with a huge storage capacity of 6.25 TB for uncompressed data and 2.5 TB of native data. It has a 2:5:1 compression. It has low error rates, great durability and efficient performance. The tape also has a long archival life of 30 year.

Purchasers of the Quantum ultrium 6 backup system need not worry about keeping several tapes of the previous generations LTO-4 and LTO-5. With previous information on them, you can extract data with exceptional reliability and use this information in event of hard drive failures. This enables the tape to read, store, overwrite and save information stored on the previous versions of the LTO tape.

These features make the Quantum ultrium 6 the perfect investment and backup technology for companies that would like to progress and be prepared in case of a disaster. With such a massive storage capacity the tape can be used to store and save huge files. This also makes the tape perfect for primary backup or long-term archiving. In addition to this the tape is affordable and businesses of all sizes and shapes can purchase it. Businesses wishing to progress while keeping data safe must purchase this tape media system, and protect vital corporate information.

Frank Miller is the Marketing Manager of Backuptape and markets LTO6 media tape and Sony LTO6 tape. He has vast experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping buyers who have the backup needs and guide clients about the technology.

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