street shot-Christian Louboutin for women aslo for male

Do not deny christian louboutin shoes are not attrace you?

You can not ignore the Christian Louboutin in the fashion world. The well known Signature red sole and high heel both shaped the distinctive features of louboutin shoes and black christian louboutin pumps.In fact, you can wear christian louboutin men in any season. in summer´╝îyou can choose Christian Louboutin sandals. In spring, autumn and winter, Christian Louboutin pumps and Christian Louboutin boots become the must buy for stylish women.

LiToYo said: “no matter how a woman, wearing Christian Louboutin high heels can also become sexy.” Not to mention a pair of red high heels … Think about it, a woman wearing a red soled shoes, staggered walking down the street, the pace steppedwas sound and rhyme, this is how pleasing. Red soled shoes of a woman is matched with a miniskirt, accompanied by soft summer wind skirt sleeve of a robe fluttering hair fluttering, such a woman, Who can say no charm? Famous shoe designer shoes christian louboutin once said: “it is precisely the red-soled shoes make a woman have a healthy, because the cheap christian louboutin so that they slowed down the difference between this, like the car is different from cycling. Least cycling can enjoy the scenery along the way .

No matter what the woman, wear high-heeled shoes, also can be sexy.

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