Strengthen The Data Security in Widest Range of IT Centers With HP-Branded Backup Systems

The IT managers are striving to improve the performance and security of their data center, while reducing their operating expenses. In today’s competitive E-commerce world, businesses lose revenue as well as their loyal customers because they fail to meet the service-level agreements. Interruptions in business operations due to viruses/hardware failures are the most common reason. Organizations overcome these problems by creating data backups. So the business operations run smoothly and I.T administrators enjoy peace of mind.

HP Hewlett-Packard is the largest manufacturer of backup devices. The broadest range of backup formats, technical assistance, superior quality and affordable prices has made HP the first choice of data administrators. HP offers disk and tape storage systems that deliver the best ownership cost, exceptional compatibility and low cost per GB.

For the fast-growing segment of small and midsized companies, you can count on HP’s popular Digital data storage, in short DDS, technology. This market dominant tape format features a scalable roadmap and exceptional space-efficiency, which enables it to meet the toughest customer demands. You can choose from the seven high-performance DDS versions that offer flexible configurations, support leading operating systems, and feature multiple host interfaces. Choose from the exceptional capacity range starting from 1.3 GB (native) and reaching up to 160 GB. DAT-320 is the fastest drive that stream data at a super-fast speed of 86.4 GB/hr. Native capacity offered by DDS 2, DDS3 & DDS 4 media tapes is 4 GB, 12 GB and 20 GB. Good news is that HP DDS systems maximize the storage value and support their predecessor tape cartridges.

LTO tape is another intelligent solution that has gained immense popularity in all small to large business segments. You can interchange the HP-branded LTO tapes with other non-HP LTO drives. So the HP LTO customers can conveniently use their tape resources to backup and share data in heterogeneous LTO environment.  C7975A is the part number of the highest capacity LTO ultrium 5 tape that provides you the choice to create two partitions. In this way, management of large and diverse data volumes becomes easier and the unintentional operating errors are sharply reduced. The predecessor C7974A, LTO4 tape is ideal for storing large data volumes. Its capacity in compressed and uncompressed mode is 800GB & 1600 GB. Performance and data security of the new LTO4 and LTO 5 generations have been significantly enhanced with the incorporation of W.O.R.M (write once, read many) and the built-in data encryption. So you have a smart solution to protect your datasets against un-authorized access and feel confident if the tapes are stolen or misplaced.

So far we have discussed HP’s tape media systems. In disk storage category, RDX is a new breakthrough technology which allows efficient data management just like a tape media system. Capacity offering of HP’s RDX disk generations is ideal for the storage needs of SMB customers. A maximum of 1TB data can be accommodated on latest RDX cartridge, whereas the data can be recorded at an impressive speed of 108 GB/hr. Organizations looking to maximize their backup investment will surely find a durable, compact and efficient HP solution.

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