Superior wet cinder mill performance

Double the level of two crushing rotor. Another series of two sets of rotor, so that by the higher rotor material was immediately crushed the rapid rotation of the rotor hammer again superior crushing cavity material rapidly collide with each other, crushing each other to reach the hammer consequences powder, powder material, Indirect unloading.

No mesh grate at the end, the humidity of materials, no infarction. The traditional mill with sieve grate, not suited to high moisture content of 8% raw, when raw material with high moisture content of 10%, easily attack major infarction, the hammer can not move, the material can not be discharged, even burning bad motor, a significant impact on consumption. The aircraft design does not mesh grate at the end, the moisture content of the material requested is no strict and complete blocking the sieve paste problem does not exist, can not be discharged powder does not exist, repeatedly crushed, so the effect of the high ground, there is no hammer Invalid wear scene.

kaolin crushing equipment is sold

Peculiar two-way transfer gap techniques. Between the liner and the hammer wear larger size gap thicker, move out by the central position of the hammer to reduce the gap between the liner and the use of inheritance. Also goes by the inner liner within the space conditioning, grasp the particle size. Installation of wheel balancing weights, running bumps inertia, saving 20%. Level two sets of rotor shaft equipped with flywheel, flywheel speed operation of the cyclical conditioning shaken, so that the average running bumps, adding rotational inertia to overcome the static resistance, saving more than 20%.

Centralized system of smooth, non-stop oiling, inconvenience fast. Smooth two-stage crusher system, a change in butter mouth, traditional oil lubricating oil cup filling method; configure centralized deployment to the oil pump, step operation, multi-channel supply; whole everything ready at the same time bearing electromechanical task status simultaneously filling lubricating oil, inconvenience fast. For all the oil line shut down, and avoid damage to the bearing dust intrusion. Hydraulic manually start the case.

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Powders of different packaging materials are different

Everything must be packed powder products, one of the most difficult skills packaging products. Powder packaging was influenced by many environmental factors, information, metering filling type, powder characteristics and the use of methods. Special is a small low-value measurement of ultra-fine powder, packaging techniques more difficult. Thus powder packaging is always an issue of concern.

Because of its very fine powder particles, greatly, the volume ratio fluffy appearance, easily adsorbed on contact with air moisture in the air reunion agglomeration occurs. Some powders are very easily oxidized and transformed, some temporary contact with air will happen naturally. Thus, for such output should be promptly powder packaging solutions. Most of the powder have these features, so its packaging requests are very severe. Well as request Packing sealing performance, waterproof, moisture and so on.

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Different powders and powders of different diameters in the packaging, the choice of the type of information packaging, the packaging is completely different consequences. This is an important measurement accuracy when the table is now packaging, packaging sealing consequences, powder sank level, storage and shelf life of packaged powders, etc. The basic cause of the table and now its impact on the appearance of static friction that occurs powder data, as well as light, breathable and moisture and so on. Therefore, the choice of powder packing Packing is very important.

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