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Towards the middle of “Dead Man Down,” Colin Farrell tells Noomi Rapace what’s been going on — a plot thick with the Mafia, real-estate speculators, chrome-domed Albanian mobsters, Hungarian paramilitary operatives and a faked death.

“Now,” he says, “you know everything.”

She just stares at him.

I know how she feels.

“Dead Man Down” is an incredibly complicated yet extraordinarily simple-minded thriller with Farrell as an Eastern European émigré (“I worked very hard to lose my accent,” he explains) living in New York with a refrigerator full of plastique.

For a film that spends a lot of time showing Farrell and Rapace have awkward screen time together, they spend little time explain the whys, whats, and hows in the film.

The 110 minute runtime could’ve easily been shaved down to 85 minutes and would’ve made the film more enjoyable. The movie treads through at least 3-4 “Why did we have that scene” scenes that only slow the plot down and serve no purpose in the story. Even throughout the 110 minute torture, Noomi Rapace is trying to give her character layers while Farrell gives his best Han Solo in carbonite impersonation.

he crime thriller attempts to establish this neo-noir style, but basically reveals everything too early. So by the time other characters stumble onto the truth the audience has already known about it for well over an hour and it never really has that sense of mystery that could have added that extra spark it needed to be better than average.

These tropes may be familiar, but writer J.H. Wyman and filmmaker Niels Arden Oplev (who directed Rapace in the original Swedish version of “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”) introduce enough stylish eccentricity — and opaque plotting — to keep the tale interesting, at least until the generic bloodbath conclusion.

Up until then, “Dead Man Down” spins on an off-kilter axis, thanks mostly to its leading lady. As she did with “Dragon Tattoo’s” Lisbeth Salander, Rapace brings a convincing intensity to a part that requires her to be, essentially, a kind of gleeful psychopath. Rather than going to therapy, she blackmails Victor into becoming her personal hit man after she spies him killing a stranger on his balcony.

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