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Although it is within the May Day holiday, not only here, from someone in and out. The look pale, ruby, walk toward the elevator, and remembering YeZhongE’s office is located where one layer, but how can’t remember. The cheap michael kors front desk of xw880cc20120806 the sweet smile miss called her: “young lady, you wait.” Open the hall, seems to have echo, like here polished ground as smooth. Ruby had to stand the, said: “what things?” Her tone a little stiff, but miss manners is perfect, slowly way: “do you seek?” The cold, ruby said: “YeZhongE there?” That miss a surprised, looking carefully before the call the chairman’s name of woman, suddenly I’m afraid she just guess identity, can’t easily against, asked her name, pick up the phone, dial the telephone to liu secretariat asked, telephone Michael Kors Satchel Handbags that liu secretary as if is as unpredictable, concise and lively answered and said, whether it’s called the clock to ruby? Let her downstairs to wait, and then hand over to treat a number of issues. So the front desk woman put aside phone, laughing with ruby of mouth: “leaf always is in a meeting, excuse me, do you have an appointment have no?” The ruby frown: “that, when he can open after go? I want to see him.” Miss endure filled with doubt, smile and ask her to go xw880cc20120806 to the michael kors bags hall of the sofa to sit down

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