The Backup Storage Industry’s Leading Formats Designed For SMB Customers

Organizations of all sizes and types are ensuring long-term preservation of data, due to the increasing data retention regulations (Bank Secrecy Act, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act etc.) across many industries. In addition to these regulatory requirements, the competitive business environment has intensified the challenges of fast order processing, reduced operating expenses, smooth scalability and consistent performance. IT professionals recommend backup storage, as it helps to overcome the disruptions of hardware crashes and malicious viruses. So the organizations feel confident of in-time data availability.

Data backup systems should also be installed in medium & small organizations. The reason is that this business industry has also migrated to E-commerce like the large business enterprises. But due to the constrained budgets, the SMB industry can’t afford to integrate the complex, large and expensive backup systems. That is why the backup media specialists have engineered a number of formats for this demanding industry. I am going to brief you about the most successful SMB backup technologies.

DAT (Digital Audio Tape) is the most intelligent and scalable backup technology that has a solid history of more than 2 decades. Smart DAT generations are the answer to the specific needs of SMB environments. DDS-1 tape, the first generation launched in 1989, features 1.3GB native capacity. Storage performance of latest DAT-320 generation has reached the native capacity mark of 160 GB. DAT customers enjoy higher return on investment as the trouble-free scalable path offers backward media compatibility. With minimal investment, the customers not only improve their storage performance but also benefit from the seamless access to previous generation tapes.

No other backup technology can match the low-operating cost and compactness of Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) format. Sony specifically developed this tape system to satisfy the most stringent requirements. Sony AIT 1 tape, the first generation was designed to store 25GB raw data, which has now been extended to fifth generation featuring 400 GB capacity. Data compression capability of Sony AIT drives also has been improved to 2.6:1 as compared to 2:1 of competing technologies. So the users enjoy dramatic boost to their storage performance and can handle the increased workloads with minimal effort. This backup system has ensured unparalleled space efficiency and cost-saving backward compatibility for smooth scalability. The super fast data streaming speed completes data backup tasks in a reasonable time frame. Maximum native speed of newest AIT5 solution is 24Mbps.

In backup disk industry, the new breakthrough system is RDX. This solution solves the demanding challenges of SMBs and simplifies your storage environment. These are the most robust disk cartridges that can match the durability of media tapes. These small and long lasting RDX disks are also have been designed in different capacities. So the RDX media solution can operate cost effectively in the storage intensive IT centers. The high performance dock stations outperform their rivals as they speed up the overall process through their random data accessibility. Data administrators also enjoy peace of mind with the fast drag-drop functionality, off-site storage, greater flexibility and smooth scalability.

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