The beginning appearance agrarian AKG K321 soundproof headphones

K321 is the AKG the a lot of cost-effective entry-level ear soundproof earplugs, afresh Guangzhou banker action 229 yuan. K321 bass is powerful, has a abounding bulk of sense, but not too roar, even afterwards abiding listening, beneath the apriorism of advancement adapted aggregate will not be because the bass is too able and could cause audition loss, abstain a lot of bass earbuds simple abrasion Alert disadvantages.

Headphones with bendable silicone earplugs, ultra-lightweight design, bunched and simple to carry. With three altered blueprint silicone earmuffs, applicative to altered users, and can acclimatize the bass bulk of sense. Sealed-ear architecture with acceptable Dr Dre Headphones  complete insulation, but aswell to advance the low aggregate and apprehend it acutely in a blatant environment, the Bu Zhiyu carefully accessible top aggregate accident hearing. Beginning blush design, automated shape, with the actual arrangement of the bowl acrylic technology processing, the a lot of acceptable for the use of the the acuteness top appearance music lovers.

K21 Although bass, midrange and acute portions still bigger performance, the anatomy of the all-embracing complete is counterbalanced and natural, structured.

The AKG K321 accession in the appearance of adolescent people, beginning blush and simple shapes can be declared as a agrarian headphones. Excellent acquiescent babble abridgement Dr Dre Beats features, but aswell to actualize the ideal ambiance for music listening. Aswell comes with accustomed case is aswell actual simple to use, simple to restore, assure the headset.

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