The City of Denver

The city of Denver comes in the state of Colorado, and is also the capital of Colorado. City of Denver is thought to be one of the most populous cities in America. Denver is located in the South Platte River Valley on the edge of High Plains.Denver is also called “Mile High City” as it is exactly one mile high above the sea level. The climate of Denver is thought to be very complicated. There are four distinct seasons in Denver. The highest temperature ever recorded in Denver is 41 degree centigrade recorded in 1878 and 2005.Where as the coldest temperature ever recorded in Denver is -34 degree centigrade. The first snow fall ever occurred in the history of Denver was on October 8th with an average of 155cm snowfall during the season. According to a rough estimate the climate of the city is sunny and is thought to remain sunny 300 days a year. The transportation provided by Denver to its citizens is of great quality.

The air port of Denver called the Denver International Airport (DIA) is said to be the 10th busiest air port of the world and is on number fourth in America. The airport of Denver is the largest air port of America according to its size. Its covers an area of more than 53 square miles and is larger in size than the island of Manhattan. Other modes of transports are regulated by Regional Transportation District. This department operates more than 1000 buses which serves 10,000 bus stops.The first school of Denver was a log cabin opened in 1859 and was named as Denver Public School(DPS). Now there are more than 100 branches of this school in Denver in which 73000 students are being educated. There are a number of colleges and universities as well, which serves a large number of students. Denver is famous for its agriculture and mineral deposits all over the country. In fact the main reason behind the development of this city was the discovery of large gold, silver and other mineral reservoirs. Before the discovery of these reservoirs Denver wasn’t a popular city at all.

It had the population of only few thousand at that time. In 1858 first gold reservoir of gold was discovered in Denver. After this discovery, miners from all over the America started to come to Denver in hope of finding gold reservoirs. Soon after the discovery of gold, silver reservoirs were also discovered in the land of Denverdue to which Denver became popular all over the world.Denver is not only rich in gold and silver but it also has some oil reservoirs. The oil prices crash in 1986 dropped the economy of Denver greatly. The prices which were $31 in 1982 came to $9 per barrel during the crisis. Due to which 15,000 employees of the oil industry became unemployed. This was a period of depression for the city of Denver. To recover from this phase they started to celebrate a festival in which there were numerous ways of entertainment for the people of Denver. This festival helped greatly the people of Denver to stand on their foot again, by refreshing their minds.

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