The Demand of Environmentally in Cement Producing

Nowadays, many people pay more attention in protecting environment, and many environmental friendly products were produced to cater to this demand of people. In the several decades, Hongxing Machinery makes many efforts to improve their products and designs the machines more environmentally. In the past, cement producing process polluted the air much, but Hongxing Machinery used the advanced technology to solve this phenomenon.

Besides saving on energy costs, these Captive Power Plants ensure that industrial units get uninterrupted, reliable and stable supply of electricity for smooth production operations. Aiming at further reducing their dependence on the supply of power from the grid, and to meet incremental demand, more and more industrial units plan to invest in CPPs. An annual addition of 70-100 MW addition in the captive power segment is thus projected during the next five years. Cement production is one of the most energy-intensive processes.

The cement industry is heavily consolidated and controlled by international companies that are, in many cases, based outside the United States. While the U.S. economy demands cement, the pollution is dumped domestically while the profits are exported.

The silicate cement production technology is representative of the cement equipment, and it uses limestone and clay as the main raw materials, and after crushing, burdening and grinding, the raw materials are sent to the cement kiln to be burnt to become clinker. Then gypsum is added to it and the clinker will be ground to become the final cement. Due to the difference of manufacturing methods of raw materials, the cement making machine has two different production means: dry method and wet method.

(1) Dry type cement making production technology. As for this production technology, the raw materials are dried and ground at the same time, or first dried and ground to become powders and then fed into the dry kiln to be burnt to become clinker.

(2) Wet type cement making production technology. As for this production technology, the raw materials are ground with water to become slurry, and then fed into the wet kiln to be burnt to become clinker.

elevating conveyor belt:

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