The drawback of the traditional grinding method

The shortage of the traditional grinding way:

The two crafts mentioned above both adopt the traditional ball mill as core grinding equipment. The reasons why the grinding efficiency of traditional ball mill is low are as follows:

First, the material along the lengthways of the ball mill is refined step by step with some of the thinner material being the qualified one and couldn’t be discharged timely. For the open flow grinding, some coarse particle is blended into the grinding chamber with the fine material too early which consumes plenty grinding time and keeps the qualified material in the mill, consuming huge amount of energy. Only when all the grinding material is qualified can they be discharged. For the circle flow grinding, the same problem like the big differences between the coarse particle and fine particle and the material can’t work under the reasonable grinding principle exist. Meanwhile the two slag GGBFS production systems mentioned above grind the slag by the normal cement production unit and craft, not by using the grinding apparatus and craft in accordance with the characteristic of the slag grinding and the requirements of the GGBFS. Thus it is of high electric consumption and cost which affect its benefit.Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, for example, rotary drum dryer, magnetic separator machine. Welcome all of you to visit our official website.

Second, it seems like that a reasonable gradient is formed as the fineness of the material is distributed from coarseness to fineness along the lengthwise direction from the grinding head to the grinding end of the ball mill. While to see the material from the cross section of every point along the lengthwise direction, its fineness is extremely nonuniform with some of them being very big. These coarse particles once enter into the grinding chamber need more time to be grinded into the qualified powder lot because the grinding chamber is mainly used for grinding of fines and is of little crush capacity.

calcium carbonate grinding mill:

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