The Durable Backup Solution to Overcome The Fast Storage/retrieval Needs of Midrange Organizations is LTO Ultrium 5 Tape by HP

Every company needs to find a backup system that is efficient, reliable and compatible with your company. Most important of all, companies want to buy the backup storage systems are affordable. The lucky companies; i.e. the large scale companies, can easily afford the best of the best storage systems in the market because they have the funds they need to get them. But the small and medium scale companies on the other hand are not so fortunate. They need to think about their employees and their future business before they can start investing in expensive storage devices.

However, the good news is that they do not have to think like that anymore. You see, there are many other devices in the market that are not expensive at all. In fact the tape storage devices are downright cheap as compared to the other devices in the market and they have much better quality as well. Where your regular device will last for three or four years, your tape device will last for more than thirty years of great life and efficiency. This is hard to imagine but the companies who are using these devices are saying this and the experts agree with them.

The HP LTO-5 tape device is the latest device from the HP Company and many people believe that this is the best device yet. It has many features that make this device invincible. For example, it has the highest storage capacity in the market and it is double than the last LTO 4 tape. It is more efficient than the previous versions as well. Plus it is compatible with every operating system you may be using in your office. You can use any kind of cartridge in this device. It supports only one cartridge at a time but you can easily replace it.

The HP LTO-5 tape drive has a special storage capacity for your native and compressed data. Where most of the time companies are giving four hundred or eight hundred gigabytes of storage capacity for your native data this particular device from HP is giving your 1.5 terabytes for your native data. And if you are planning on saving your data in the compressed form then you will have a double storage capacity. This means that you will have three terabytes of storage capacity for your compressed data. Amazing isn’t it?

The HP LTO-5 tape drive also has the fastest data transfer rate as well. The backup rate would not slow down (140MB/s native) if you are dealing with heavy workloads. A remarkable enhancement to 280Mbps is possible with compressed data files. Plus this whole device comes with the lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer and it is estimated to have thirty years of archival life. Moreover, the partition feature has really simplified data management and reduced the error rate. So the busy data centers would find this tape solution extremely useful for the heightened security requirements, smooth scalability, fast data flow, long term storage and other stringent demands.

Frank Miller is the Marketing Manager of backuptapes and markets Sony LTO5 and HP LTO 5 Tape. He has vast experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping buyers who have the backup needs and guide clients about the technology. For More Info visit our online store.

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