The effective meizitang products are sold according to the positive feedback of users

The effective meizitang products are sold according to the positive feedback of users.  Careful not to buy the protein content of> 1.0%, it is not really yogurt. Note that the best yogurt in advance one hour from the fridge to warm. Drink too cold yogurt may cause diarrhea or stomach pain. It can be poured into a Sheng had hot water in small bowl inside, soon warmed. But do not use the microwave heating so as not to kill the valuable lactic acid bacteria. With disabilities: been identified as the nutritional value of yogurt, yogurt become a fashion, how to properly drink yogurt? The experts yogurt “three” Do not.

Note the excessive hunger can not be directly yogurt, soup, or eat vegetables, and prevention of stomach acidity is too high. Postprandial drink oolong tea, drinking oolong tea could not sleep, drink chrysanthemum tea.Vegetables to eat, it can provide enough fiber and vitamins C, for the discharge of excess fat is helpful.Day when the Chinese Communists to drink about 800 ml of yogurt, plus 50 grams of food, 100 grams of meat / fish, 400 grams of vegetables, 100 grams of fruit. All-day energy from 1000 to 1200 kcal, protein 65 to 70 grams, more than 3000 ml of water, very safe, you can adhere to a month. It usually takes two month to take a course of treatment of effective Meizitang Softgel.

Tea is rich in vitamin B1, is able to fat burning fully and into the heat of the necessary material.Black tea: inhibit the belly fat accumulation. Speaking of obesity, people would immediately think of abdominal fat, while black tea had a significant effect in inhibiting the increase of abdominal fat. Black tea is made by the fermentation of black aspergillus, by definition, is black. During the fermentation process to produce one kind Punuo Er components, played a role in preventing the accumulation of fat. Black tea to lose weight.

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