the fairy maiden also still lives at any

“Dad, so a say that I feel I good elephant is have no heart to have no lung, all day knows to eat to sleep.”Although the blessing treasure has feeling at the dad’s earnestness feelings to the Niang, but she even hopes that the dad doesn’t live forever at depressed in.

“Fairy son can not say oneself like this, ever since that time you arrive at young master Mens Prada Sneakers Classic , more than 20 years, I finally saw the smiling face on the young master face.”See a blessing treasure say himself/herself like this, uncle wood didn’t take pleasure in, the first station came out to rectify a way.

Wood clearly also way:”Servant wood says of to, fairy son can not wildly from thin thin, you must be the solution language that cloud son sent flower, the incarnation of cloud son, you let I have no the life of pleasures of life, many the silk concern about.”

The blessing treasure pulls the wood to a chair to sit in seat of honor clearly bottom, lovely stand back the dad pund the back and say with smile:”This is the dad to say, I am what cloud son mother parties come look after a dad, that dad will elephant fairy the son is similar to edible to sleep, so the cloud son Niang on the sky would trust.Because you and cloud son Niang early merge into an Mens Prada High Top integral whole, your happiness she happiness, you are regretful she is more difficult to lead, do you say that what I said rights?”

The wood contemplates a short moment to say after listenning to the words of blessing treasure clearly:”I have been sinking to immerse in own grief can not from pull out, but didn’t expect the fairy son this time words let my Mao fill to open, and cherish an at present person.”

“See open like this to, say stem and then do, I descend arrive pond bottom to touch two section Ous, give dad eat.”Finishing saying will take off shoe under get to pond inside.

The wood quickly obstructs clearly:”Wait a minute, let me!”Sees he take one long bamboo discount prada shoes Hao and lightly put into a pond and yell after a ‘rise’, immediately several stanzas are stained with full the Ou stanza of silt fly to the pond side.

“The dad is really absolute being achievement world distinguished!”Blessing treasure at one side from the heart compliment way.

“Does Xian Er want to learn?”Lin Ming’s words don’t already make Lin Bo shocked, the fighting skill of young master comes from master to teach in person and never pass Lin Jia outside of person, although this miss recognize descend the young master is always a dad, can is also an outsider,the young master want to teach the inherited in the family skill in martial arts of this wood’s house to her, it is thus clear that this girl’s position in the heart in young masterthe blessing treasure chapter 173 chapter.

“I don’t want to learn!”With her idle personality, so as not to do which only causes trouble of, otherwise in cloud state learned with Jiao Yi, canning escape can defend a body ten thousand matter great lucks, she doesn’t want to make a living away from home Wu Lin Xing again Xia battle righteousness, fee does that break energy why?

The blessing treasure doesn’t add a positively refusing of the deliberation to let wood clearly discount prada online some difficult to express disappointment, see the color of the disappointment in Lin Ming Yan, the blessing treasure smiles to say:”The trifle of girls my dad says that I was idle since the childhood, I was similar can’t, the dad takes me always can’t make me several times also give up behind as well from get I, say that I am one small lazy pig.”

“Originally the fairy maiden also still lives at any, your dad has you daughter like this must be very happy.How to always listen to the fairy maiden bringing up a dad and hardly bringing up Niang?”

“Was difficult to produce but die when mother livingsed me, the dad’s wife Qie was numerous but had never livinged to keep, they for pleasing a dad, always fawn on me, so I am to want to do what do what.”

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