The Features about HXJQ Single-Stage Crusher

Hongxing single-stage crusher is a new generation high-efficient crusher designed and manufactured by introducing German advanced technology and optimal designing and structure improving. After many years of use and improvement, it has been developed to relatively mature fourth generation product. It is widely used in transportation, construction, mentallurgy and so on. Single-stage crusher has good performance, high efficiency, and easy to operation.

Compared with the traditional jaw crusher, Hongxing new type single-stage crusher is a new generation of mining machine developed by Hongxing group, and it can finish multi-stage crush in one stage with fine discharging granularity, high yield and low operating costs.

First, new type single-stage crusher added a set of crank-rocker mechanism and used a new “step structure” design, which changed the ‘minus power’ of the lower part of the movable jaw to ‘energizing’ effect. The whole process achieved ‘laminated crushing’ mechanism and improved the ratio of crushing and the production efficiency, especially simplified the production process, reduced the power consumption.

Second, more than one single-stage crusher had already used in sand and gravel production line. So far, Hongxing new single machine crushing production line is based on this single-stage crusher, which is major breakthrough in Sand and gravel crushing production line now. It is an innovation in the function and breaks out the traditional way “a crusher only has one function“.

Hongxing designs new type single-stage crusher for sale to improve the jaw crusher machines working efficiency. As the name suggests, single-stage crusher can crush materials by one time, which means the original multi-stage crushing process can be instead of one machine, especially the bulk materials can be directly broken into the desired size once. The single stage crusher can complete the original multi-stage crushing process with feeding, screening, crushing on one jaw crusher machine, which has many advantages with fine discharging granularity, high yield.

Is there any question about this new type machine, please feel free to contact us, 7*24 online service.

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