The firelight gleamed on her shoes

See, we are alone.
Give me your hand to press, love,
Lightly within my own.
She played and sang half to herself, for she was watching herself playing and singing. The firelight gleamed on her shoes, on shop the ruddy belly of the guitar, and on her white fingers . . . .
If I were outside the window and looked in and saw myself I really would be rather struck, thought she. Still more softly she played the accompaniment-not singing now but listening.
. . . . The first time that I ever saw you, little girl-oh, you had no idea that you were not alone-you were sitting with your little feet upon a hassock, playing the guitar. God, I can never forget. . . . Beryl flung up her head and began to sing again:
Even the moon is aweary . . .
But there came a loud bang at the door. The servant girls crimson face popped through.
Please, Miss Beryl, Ive got to come and lay.
Certainly, Alice, said Beryl, in a voice of prestashop ice. She put the guitar in a corner. Alice lunged in with a heavy black iron tray.
Well, I have had a job with that oving, said she. I cant get nothing to brown.
Really! said Beryl.
But no, she could not stand that fool of a girl. She ran into the dark drawing-room and began walking up and down. . . . Oh, she was restless, restless. There was a mirror over the mantel. She leaned her arms along and looked at her pale shadow in it. How beautiful she looked, but there was nobody to see, nobody.
Why must you suffer so? said the face in the mirror. You were not made for suffering. . . . Smile!
Beryl smiled, and really her smile was so adorable that she smiled again-but this time because she could not help prestashop it.
Good morning, Mrs. Jones.
Oh, good morning, Mrs. Smith. Im so glad to see you. Have you brought your children?
Yes, Ive brought both my twins. I have had another baby since I saw you last, but she came so suddenly that I havent had time to make her any clothes yet. So I left her. . . . How is your husband?
Oh, he is very well, thank you. At least he had an awful cold but Queen Victoria-shes my godmother, you know-sent him a case of pineapples and that cured it im-mediately. Is that your new servant?
Yes, her names Gwen. Ive only had her two days. Oh, Gwen, this is my friend, Mrs. Smith.
Good morning, Mrs. Smith. Dinner wont be ready for about ten minutes.
I dont think you ought to introduce me to the servant. I prestashop think I ought to just begin talking to her.
Well, shes more of a lady-help than a servant and you do introduce lady-helps, I know, because Mrs. Samuel Josephs had one.

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