The Green Beauty the Vancouver

Those who like natural beauties and wild life and they brag of that they have visited all cities of the world but have not visited Vancouver yet, actually they haven’t seen the real face of natural beauty. Vancouver, the greenest city of world,not only carries natural beauty in its true essence but also reveals the courage and hardworking of its people behind maintain this natural gift because it is said that if someone wants to know the secret of progress and beauty of any country then he must know the people of that country and people of Canada, without any doubt, are very progressive people in their thoughts and in their planning. This progressiveness also looks very clear in their work like they hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics and 2010 Para Olympics which were only few of their kinds, especially the 2010 Winter Olympics which was the fabulous show of sports and fun. So we can say that, like any other progressive city, Vancouver is also pouring its looks to the world and attracting the tourists from all over the world.Vancouver has dry warm climate and is considered to be the one of the warmest cities of Canada.

Summer season is usually warmer and drier, and temperate by cool breezes of port while winter season is short which is full of snow falling but this season remains for very short time.People of Vancouver are very fond of playing ice hockey,Canadian football and athletics especially they like to play lacrosse which is also called baseball although baseball is somehow different from lacrosse but rules are almost same. There are many leagues that organize yearly events in which hundreds of teams from all over the Canada take place.Canadian police is one of the best polices in the world which is controlling the seventh highest crime rated city of the world but interesting thing is that Canadian police does not arrest on the small use of marijuana although it is illegal but other crimes are strictly prohibited and tourists are warned about these crimes and security of their own.

Vancouver is the hub of the tourist industry of Canada and millions of tourists from all over the world like to prefer Vancouver their first choice of visit. There are many resorts and attractive places like Shannon waterfall, Capilano Suspension Bridge and Grouse Mountain and, especially the Stanley Park, China town and Gastown are places creditable to be seen. The city planners of Vancouver are continuously working to make their city as attractive as they had planned to gain the status of “the greenest city “in the year 2020.The education system of Vancouver is based on high standards and their schools, colleges and universities are ranked among the top for providing quality education to their students. University of British Columbia and Vancouver Island University are among the top most universities in the world and they are providing best technical, business and industrial manpower to Canada.In short, Vancouver is the place of worth seeing and its days and nights are full of fun, delight and enjoyment.

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