The healing power of ling zhi

The healing power of ling zhi has been recognized vast number of obese people. Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Laboratories Limited (Abbott Laboratories) is introduced is a broad-based pharmaceutical and healthcare products company, in 1888 by the founder of Wallace C. AbboR, MD, founded in Chicago, USA, it found that the development, manufacture and marketing of products and services across the area of health, from prevention and diagnosis to treatment and healing. Abbott’s principal businesses include medical products, such as nutritional supplements, medical devices, diagnostic products and pharmaceuticals. Abbott’s headquarters is located in the northern suburbs of Chicago. The medical2 day diethave helped a gathering of people.  On the top of the list of 2 day diet products are those safe ones. On the basis of market research on the marketing environment analysis, pointed out that the “Listing the most appropriate competitive strategy: market stopgap strategy. One step closer to the market research showed that a high degree of imported brand awareness, rational diet of white-collar high-income urban women to play a competitive advantage for Novo America Pavilion suitable market segments. Clear listed goals and positioning, this paper analyzes the purchasing behavior characteristics of the target market, and then from the product, price, promotion, distribution of the four aspects on how to enter the market, the implementation of what strategies were demonstrated .
As the rapid development of Chinese economic and great improvement in the standard of living, obesity is becoming a serious health problem. So ita engenders a great potential weight loss medication treatment market. For example, the Koran states that “Fruta Planta Reduce Weight helps him lose much weight.  As company in the wodd, Abbott Laboratoriesisa famous pharmaceutical want to launch Reductil in China, which weight loss drug that is firstly approved by FDA because ofthe assured curative effect. Like almost every industry in China, the weight loss medication treatment supplements in the market is market. highly competitive.
There are various drugs and heath Based on the marketing research, we analysis the marketing environment of Reductil, and we think the most appropriate competition strategy for Reductil launch is market nicher. Further market research indicates that the most appropriate segment target position is the office ladies that havea high income, and prefer the foreign brand. After confLrming the target and position of Reductil launch, we analysis the customer purchase behavior, and design 4P marketing mixed strategy. An Abbott Laboratories company and its Chinese development of introduced .

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