Flower has a special place in the event of any type and if we go back we come to know that these are grown for over 100 million years ago yet today no event is considered complete without flowers. to express our feelings floral arrangement is considered as the best tool. The florists help their best in the expression of our emotions. If we see the history of floral field we see hat Asia, Europe and meseterrean city dominate floral art.Egyptian used cut flowers in vases and there were a few florist or they may arrange these flowers in the simple primary color scheme which was repeated throughout the design. In a limited style there was a row of roses, water Lillis and other native flowers. The florist of that time never grouped these flowers into bunches. a single flower was enough to fill the vase with only one or two leaf stems beside it. Flowers were also worn in the hair at sacred ceremonies in Egypt.As far as Greek are concerned they used to prefer simple and graceful designs of flower arrangement. Foe them the fragrance and spiritual connection to the gods was of great importance.

Roman had the same philosophy as of Greek. They felt them precious and they poured flowers over festivals, wedding and civic ceremonies to such great amount that the people walked knee deep in the flowers. roman florist were first who waved the first basket with high back and low open front over flowing with colorful flowers with fragrance. Concept of bouquet was also present there and the people used to offer them to the gods.Great development is the art of florist was showed by the Victorian era. They had enormous enthusiasm of the flowers, plants and gardens. The art of flower arrangement was tight to ladies in the Victorian era. In this developing period the enthusiasm increased to the extent that books and magazines were published for the promotion of this art.

For sentimental reasons arrangement of knotty flowers were present innate hands of ladies. These were not for the freshening of air Formal flower arrangement design had a principal influence since the 6th century in Japan. It is popular still today. It is the result of past that we are so much attracted by the flowers and flower arrangement. in the end we can conclude that to mark special occasions with beautiful flowers either it is a birthday or an anniversary or a wedding ceremony or even at the time of funeral flowers are the part of that particular event, so arranged that they match the event or we can say that they express the feelings of the people present at that event either it is the time of pleasure or a sad event it depends on the florist how he arranges flower by his professional skill. Today’s floral arrangement is the reflection of past with a modern touch of current style, trend and taste. It is an achievement of the florist that he gives us the blend of past that we can say classic and the present or we can say modern.

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