The IBM LTO4 Tape Your Perfect Backup Storage Companion

The small scale companies and the medium scale companies are always on the lookout for a better storage device. Data storage is an important feature for the better future of a company. You need to keep a backup of your company’s data if you want to succeed. Experts say that if a company does not keep back up of their data then will collapse within one or two years. But the thing is small and medium scale companies cannot but the best hard drives are very expensive and it is impossible for the small scale companies to invest their much needed cash in them.

So what should they do? The future is not bleak for them at all. Despite the common belief, you do have other options as well. If you cannot afford the hard drives then you can always buy the tape storage devices. These are high quality devices that are not only good but they are also reliable. Gone were the days when these devices were slow and sluggish. Now these devices are just faster than their contemporaries and even better than some of them, and many international companies agree.

The IBM LTO4 tape is the prime example of a good tape storage device. The IBM Company made sure that this particular had everything their clients asked for. It is new and improved version of the LTO technology and you can rely on it to stay with you for a very long time. In fact it can stay with you for thirty or more years. Plus it is packed with some new and old features that make it truly one of a kind. This particular model also supports the SCSI and SAS interfaces and you can run it on any kind of operating system.

Your company’s data will be efficiently safe in this device. The IBM LTO4 tape also has an amazing storage capacity. You can get double amount of space in very little price. You will get eight hundred gigabytes of data for your native data. This amount of storage capacity is enough for a small scale company, however, if you like to think ahead of time and be prepared or the future then this device is going to be the perfect choice for you. If there are massive data volumes, users can easily accommodate them in compressed form that offers 1600GB data per single cartridges, and this will be enough for you for many, many years to come.

Another compelling attribute of this IBM system is that it allows safe data trasnfer at a very high throughput rate. Native data is easily transferred at an impressive rate of 120 megabytes per second. For efficient backup of compressed data, It delivers a super fast storage speed two hundred and forty MB/second; double speed means more time for you to complete your work and have time to relax. Plus it is very affordable so you will not be making a dent in that company’s account.

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